Solar Powered Pond Pump [Picks 2020]

Who doesn’t love to have a beautiful garden yard? Because a striking outdoor arena is a surefire solution to portray the owner’s great sense of taste. And if you’re someone who is revamping the garden area or some other corner of your house with a fish tank, opting for a solar-powered pond pump would be a rewarding decision.

However, choosing the best solar pond pump can be tricky.

But no worries!

We’ve come out with reviews for 10 best solar powered pond pumps along with a minutely discussed buyers guide and FAQ. All these will surely help you meet the best model within your budget.

Product Reviews

1. Ankway Solar Bird Bath Fountain PumpAnkway Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump, 1.4W Free Standing Solar Fountain Water Pumps Panel Kit Outdoor Birdbath Watering Submersible Pump for Garden and Patio

Like any other solar pumps, the Ankway Solar Bird is also manufactured eco friendliness in mind.

However, a lot of other tops notch features have made it worthy to be in your garden fountain. With a basic design pattern and no requirement to connect with plugs, while it becomes ease on eyes, it won’t take any toll to be moved whenever and wherever you want.

Next up, the 8 different styles have made this item unique for a wide range of usability.

Set it on your yard to let the birds play with water splash, or keep it little lower for use in your small pond.

You can also think of giving your guppies a treat by placing it in the fish tank. It will be a great way of boosting oxygen in the water.


  • Versatile
  • Super efficient
  • Enduring structure
  • 8 attachments for ingenious water flow systems
  • No external battery or electric connection required
  • Cost effective


  • Too strong that water level needs to refill frequently

2. Lewisia Solar Bird Bath Fountain PumpLewisia Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump Solar Powered Water Pump for Birdbath Small Pond Garden Decoration

Love to admire birds and want to contribute to their lifestyle? This energy efficient pond pump will help you fulfill your heart’s desire in a cool way.

Grab this unit and set under the shade anywhere in your garden. It’s 10 feet long cable will aid in making the job done by allowing the solar panel to stay under the open sky to catch most of the sun rays.

Multiple attachments let you be creative on a single fountain at different times of the day.

You can expect a hassle free installation as no additional tool is required for the process.

Overall, there’s hardly anything so multipurpose to enhance the beauty of both your interior and outdoor arena.


  • Straightforward installation
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning purpose
  • Start working immediately under the sunlight
  • 10 ft. cable length allows preferable distance in the setup


  • Diminutive in size, hence less powerful

3. TetraPond Water Garden Pump

TetraPond Water Garden Pump, Powers Waterfalls/Filters/Fountain Heads

Available in various sizes, the TetraPond Garden Pump caters to almost all sort of consumers who are willing to have their personal pond.

Matching your taste, you can opt for a garden pond with this energy efficient unit, thanks to its dependable magnetic technology!

For creating a large pond is also easy when you have this TetraPond appliance with you.

Go for the 1000 GPH one and it’ll verily make your dream for a large pond capable of holding 500 gallons to 1000 gallons of water.

As for other purposes such as connecting on fountain heads, filters, or waterfalls, you’ll find it equally reliable.


  • Calms the noise of moving water
  • Ideal for making an ecologically balanced pond
  • Would be complementary to your garden setting
  • Includes sponge filter pads for refining smaller ponds
  • Limited warranty for 3 years


  • Not long lasting

4. Watt Solar Water Pump2.5 Watt Solar Water Pump Kit With Battery

With no learning curve involved, this 2.5 Watt solar pump kit is considered to be a winning entry for any beginner level gardener.

No technical difficulties to overcome in the process, this pump is easy to operate. Once installed, it can go on working without needing constant attention for hours.

Unlike other models, it won’t stop working when the sun sets. Cheers to its rechargeable feature, it keeps working during the night as well!

Thankfully, you can move the pump almost 16 ft away from the direct sunlight, leaving the panel behind. For a change, this model also offers 4 different varieties in height selection.

Also, you can plan to have striking water features with its 3 distinctive spray nozzles without facing much hassle.


  • Straightforward installation
  • Easy to handle
  • Perfect to be used for all sorts of outdoor needs
  • Can work both day and night
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Battery runs out of charges really quick

5. Anself High-power Solar Fountain Pump

Anself High-power Solar Fountain Pump 17V 10W Solar Water Pump for Garden Fountains Landscape

Approved in both CE and RoHS tests, the Anself High-power pump is astonishingly eco friendly.

It saves water from being overused, helps the soil remain drenched for fertility’s sake. Consequently, the overall environs become mild and pleasing to feel.

The low carbon feature is what makes the unit stand out of the crowd.

Without creating much ado, it takes only 3 seconds to come into action. The only thing you’ve to do is let the bright sunlight direct on its panel.

In case, you want an energy efficient pond pump other than just irrigation purpose, you’re still welcome.

Because its 6 water outlet caps have already been making worldwide users enthralled via its artistic ways of water flow through different types of spouts.


  • Auto start when the sunlight reaches
  • Won’t take more than 3 seconds to begin working
  • Pushes the required amount of water
  • Total 10 extra pieces of equipment included
  • Comes with a user manual


  • May quit functioning after a few weeks

6. LEDGLE 1.5W Solar Fountain Pump Blossom Water PumpLEDGLE 5W Solar Fountain Pump Garden Water Pump for Courtyard, Maximum Flow 380L/h

Not all the options we enlisted here as the best solar powered pond pumps give you the freedom to be creative according to your desire for decorating the spraying style.

However, this  1.5W LEDGLE solar fountain pump accompanies 7 fountain nozzles for flowing the liquid in multiple ways.

So, consider it for your garden accessing the bird to bath or place in inside the fish tank inside your drawing room and you’ll find it equally impressive.

No difficult steps to follow for installing it. And you can see it working in just 3 seconds.

The main thing you should target to start the process is to ensure sufficient sunlight to the panel.

Suffice to say, its detachable parts make its cleaning issue a hassle free segment.


  • User friendly installation and functionality
  • Versatile and unique features included
  • Efficient energy saver
  • Comes with 7 fountain nozzle fittings


  • Makes the fountain spray inconsistently
  • Lacks power

7. Solar Fountain, Solatec Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountain PumpSolatec Solar Fountain, Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountain Pump 1.4W Solar Panel Kit Water Pump,Outdoor Watering Submersible Pump for Pond, Pool, Garden, Fish Tank, Aquarium

Sometimes you don’t need anything fancy to make your garden party ready. A simple solar fountain would be enough to bring that special aura about your place.

In terms of design, you may not notice any outlandish feature in it, but still, it possesses a few advancements in its overall performance that can give pause.

Meant to offer multiple services, this Solatec item accompanies 4 dissimilar types of nozzle heads.

Thankfully, they come super handy in deciding the height of water (approximately 30-50 cm max.) you want in your fountain. Choosing between various pattern is also possible.


  • Requires sunlight for only a couple of seconds to start working
  • Intensifies the charm of your garden
  • Applicable for multiple operations
  • Includes 4 distinctive nozzle heads


  • Doesn’t preserve any energy

8. Sunnydaze Solar Water PumpSunnydaze Solar Water Pump and Panel Bird Bath Fountain Kit with 2 Spray Heads, 132 GPH, 56 Inch Lift - for Outdoor Garden, Pond, or Pool

Already have an electric water pump, but willing to turn it into a solar powered, this very model by Sunnydaze Decor is specifically what you need.

It comes with an adapter that can convert your existing one into a solar model.

As for power, you can rely on it for making powerful water flow with the speed of 132 gallons per hour.

While doing so, the size of the fountain head you might prefer to choose can be of maximum 56 inches. Even more, adaptability for 2 different styled heads makes customizing the process much easier for you.

To make your movement with the panel smooth, a 16 foot cable is also included with the package. The 1 year manufacturer’s warranty is just another peace of mind.


  • Extended cable
  • 132 GPH heavy water flow
  • Great customer service
  • A 1 year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Suction cup comes out frequently

9. Solar Pump, Danibos Upgraded Solar Power Water PumpSolar Pump, Danibos Upgraded Solar Power Water Pump Panel Kit Submersible Water Pump for Pool Garden Pond Birdbath Fountain, Frosted Solar Panel (1.2w solar pump)

Danibos is putting a lot of emphasis on its after purchase guarantee upon the user’s dissatisfied with the service, but frankly speaking everyone is doing that.

That being said, we’re more encouraged by another corner of the appliance. Its frosted solar panel is redesigned to be much more effective.

Now it can absorb more solar energy, and without the need for a protective film, you can keep the panel scratch free.

Direct, full sunlight is the key to its utmost performance. Users who raised questions against its quality had either tried to use it under the cloudy sky or their panels weren’t laid completely open under the direct sun rays.

So, the rules of thumb to witness the ultimate game changing moment, that is, pumping out a large volume with the pump, care to follow the guidelines mentioned in the product description beforehand.


  • 12 month’s guarantee on the product
  • No difficulty to face while using
  • Great for circulating oxygen in the pond
  • No protective film required
  • Absorbs more sunlight for better performance


  • Can’t work in mild sunlight

10. ECO-WORTHY Solar Powered PumpECO-WORTHY Solar Powered Pump Kit: 100W Solar Panel with Water Pump for Garden Pond Fountain Pool

Keeping the pump running for a long time makes the engine high tempered, consequently, stealing the lifespan of the unit. However, coming with exclusive motor cooling technology and anti-sat-corrosion feature, the most energy efficient pond pump, the brainchild of ECO-WORTHY performs consistently for years without requiring any sort of maintenance.

Its compact size has made it easy to convey and offers nuisance free storage option.

Capable of flowing a huge volume of water with full force, this lightweight item also contains an adaptable hose, meaning that, you can guide its head smoothly towards your preferred direction.

Heavy duty aluminum construction is just another awesome trait about this appliance that has makes it desirable among the users.


  • Durable aluminum framework
  • Ideal for fish farming, washing, and draining works
  • Can do a breakfree operation
  • Low Iron
  • 3.2 mm panel, made of high transparency, thick glass


  • The switch gets melt under the heat

Buyer’s guide

In order to make your purchase of the best solar powered pond pump worthy, make sure you don’t overlook the following criteria.


When you come across the varieties of solar pumps in either online shops or your local stores, you’ll see two basic types of them –

(i) submersible pumps and  

(ii) external pumps.

The former type works remaining under the water. So, while it’ll keep on providing your pond with sufficient water according to the need, it’s submerged condition will keep up the surrounding’s decoration to the fullest.

Also, you won’t have to deal with noise issues. However, one minor drawback though – you’ve to do regular clean up as it tends to get clogged so often.

On the contrary, you may not have to face such critical cleaning issue frequently when you go for an external pump. Repairing it is also comparatively straightforward.

However, a few other things need to cope up with at the same time. For example, as the name suggests, the external pumps are meant to be installed outside the water.

Then additional equipment is necessary to get it linked with the solar panel that can be located far from the pond.

And true, you can hide them with bushy plants or other eye enticing pieces, but their loudness is something that’ll keep on proclaiming its presence there.

Finally, the external pumps come for an expensive price.


Depending on the capacity of lifting water per foot, you’ve to choose between submersible and external pumps.

For installing on your smaller pond with the capacity of 1000 gallons, consider a submersible pump. Otherwise, an external pump will take care of comparatively larger pond.

The only thing you need to care is ensuring sufficient power in your chosen most efficient pond pump.

Target to circulate the total amount of water all at once following a 2 hours break. No fish must be present in the pond during this time.

For fishes like Koi needs water with force though!

You’ll need to choose a more powerful pump when they are in your collection.

Go for even the most powerful option if you’re aiming to run a filtration system through your pond.

Strength in Water Flow

As for a general idea, the unit used for measuring the power range of the pump is Wattage (W). To pump out the required amount of water, an equally powerful machine needs to install.

Then you can control the distance of water projection by the appliance.

Apart from the fact that different models come with different flow rate, the positioning of the solar panel is also responsible for empowering the pump.

So, during bad weather, it wouldn’t be a good idea to blame the solar pump for not meeting your expectation.


Q. Who invented the solar powered pump?

Answer: Bryan Davis invented Solar Pump Solutions. It was based on Tipperary. This innovative creation brought him the label of Young Innovator that very year.

The invention came in form during his start up where he helped the peasants get access to the water from the main grid using a  renewable energy solution.

Q. Do solar fountains work well?

Answer: Yes, they do! Firstly, the solar power changes itself into the same energy which an electric connection or a battery is meant to serve.

The whole process starts with absorbing the sunlight by the panel and gradually they help the fountains do the rest.

Q. How many years does a water well with solar pump last?

Answer: It depends on the frequency of using the well. If it’s used excessively for almost all needs, replacing your solar pump after 8 – 10 years would be a rewarding decision.

However, for casual usage, the solar pump in the water well may not any replacement so early. You can take time like 15 long years before you can decide to purchase a new one.

Q. What’s the science behind the solar powered water pumps?

Answer: Basically, the solar photovoltaic, also known as, solar PV system lies in the core of this process. It changes the solar power into electrical energy triggering the pond pump.

Applying this single technique, you can pump out water from any sources, be it an open well, pond, stream, or canal.

Q. How much does a solar water pump cost?

Answer: If you purchase an all-inclusive package containing both the solar panels and pump itself, then you’ll definitely need to invest comparatively more cash.

And also, when the sunlight is far from the fountain or fish tank where you’re aiming to adjust the pump, the cost of connecting tools would demand extra expenditure of the budget.

All Things Considered….

On one hand, a solar powered pond pump helps you pump out the water from the source without excessive cost on electric supply, on the other, you can use the most efficient pond pump for multiple purposes.

The freedom to choose the right sized model for a noise free service is another center of attraction. To cap it all off, solar powered pumps are highly eco friendly, with no side effects like involved.

So, select the unit that contains most features matching your requirement and determine to flow the target amount of water on your fish tank or through your fountain while ensuring a statement making atmosphere.

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