Portable Air Conditioner Exhaust Hose in 2021

Portable air conditioners are by far the best option that helps you keep the temperature of your room within your level of comfort. They are easy to carry and energy-efficient compared to the typical AC models. Besides. you can install it on multiple places according to your requirement. Also, the portable air conditioner exhaust hose gets hot interrupting its service, and there you’ll need to invest in a separate exhaust tube for your portable AC.

However, the need for regular maintenance or lack of quality hose may hinder the smooth flow of air during its operation. 

That being said, this review guide will introduce you with 9 best Portable Air Conditioner Exhaust Hoses available out there. Towards the end, you’ll see an FAQ segment that will answer most of the questions you might be curious about.

So, let’s get started –

1. Hotop Portable Air Conditioner Exhaust Hose

Stretchable up to 150 cm, the Hotop Exhaust Hose is one of the favorite items of most of the portable air conditioners owners. The shortest length (without extension) is 32 cm which is also good for a number of situations.

The material used for this hose is polypropylene, hence limitless flexibility is guaranteed while durability is also ensured for decades to come. 

To install it you won’t need to hire a professional. Thanks to its easy to mount feature, simply by connecting both ends to their respective spots and then fixing them properly through clockwise rotation, you can easily see it working smoothly.

However, before you make a purchase, do care to measure the diameter of the existing hose, and it should be exactly 5.12 inch so to perfectly fit with this one.


  • Fits a lot of transportable air conditioner models 
  • Extends up to 59 inch
  • Straightforward installation
  • Plaint polypropylene made
  • No water or methane seepage 


  • Some users found it falling apart after a few months
  • Sometime it doesn’t fit even the size matches

2. Universal Portable Air Conditioner Exhaust Hose

Compatible with a number of renowned Portable AC models such as Whirlpool, Haier and Amana, the Universal Exhaust Hose by HOME COMFORT has earned a lot of fame its reliable service. It’s truly expendable and stretches up to 72″ to 84″. Five-meter diameter hose is the primary target of this exhaust hose. 

This may seem expensive compared to other models, but the fit is so perfect that you’ll nod with its reasonability in terms of the price tag. Working equal to the original hose, this is the tight replacement one can think of.

Even the ACs that are not available in the market, easily take this extension while ensuring a quality performance without failure. Keep in mind though – the hose doesn’t support NOT anti-clockwise rotation.


  • Extends up to 183- 214 cm 
  • Fits a lot of air conditioner models
  • Takes minutes to get installed
  • Doesn’t tear or crack
  • Flexible, hence, easy to move


  • Little bit pricy

3. Kraftex Air Conditioner Hose

Keep your place both home and office with this flexible portable air conditioner exhaust hose extension. Polypropylene has made it sturdy enough to withstand any sort of wear or tear. And no leakage means a lasting performance for years. It can be connected to any of your AC hose having a diameter of 5.9 inches. 

For adapting with small space, you can shrink the tube up to 15 inches. Besides, setting it up is super easy. Firstly, purchase it matching your AC’s thread and size. Then pop on the hose coupler of your AC on one of the ends of the hose.

After that, connect it with your AC by twisting clockwise until it properly fits. Finally, put the other opening of the hose facing the window. That’s it!


  • Universal fit with 5.9 inches diameter
  • Quick installation
  • Long lasting, high quality polypropylene
  • Adjustable length to fit any space
  • Energy efficient


  • Hot air leaks from the hose

4. intulon 5-inch Tube Portable

Leakage free service means you’ve got the right exhaust hose for your portable air conditioner. And there you find the 5 inch intulon Tube true to life. Without requiring any duct taping, its mere screw on and off feature can let you live without hassle under the sun. Owing 5 inches diameter is the requirement for a hand in glove fit. 

Talking of the other measurement – the outer and inner diameter measures 138mm and 130mm respectively. Easy to install, this tube is ideal to be with your AC matching the diameter of 5 inches.

No more messing up with flimsy extensions. It’s durably built and since no adhesive (that may contain in the duct tape) involves the unit, you can remain assure of lasting service even in the heat with its mechanical connection.


  • Made of USA
  • Absolutely no leak, secure fit
  • No need of using duct tape
  • Straightforward screw on and off connection


  • Not designed to be used with clothes dryers

5. Aboat Exhaust Hose for Portable Air Conditioner

Giving full freedom to extend as well shrink according to your needs is the biggest plus point of the Aboat Exhaust Hose. You can shorten it up to 12.6 inch while it’s extendable length is 59 inch. And while doing so, the tube won’t get shattered, tattered or broke, thanks to its polypropylene construction!

Along with its flexibility, the manufacturer has ensured that it lasts long and can serve the users for years. Therefore, it can be the perfect replacement when the original pipe, that accompanies the AC, cracks or leaks. Installation it is a breeze. Simply connect it with the existing hose and then lining up both ends will make it ready to pass the hot air.


  • Easily stretches and shrinks
  • Durable as well as flexible
  • No air leakage is noticed
  • Looks like the original, yet works better
  • Affordable 


  • Thinner plastic used

6. JOYOOO Portable Air Conditioner Exhaust

Ideal to be a fine substitute for your portable air conditioner, the JOYOOO exhaust hose can be stretched up to 1.5m. While not in use, you can keep it shrink as small as 30 cm. Install it in a snap by linking with the existing hose. To do so, rotate it anti-clockwise and that’s it! 

No limitation fixed on the adaptability of the AC models, meaning that, it’ll work on anything as long as it has tube measuring 13 cm in diameter. You may need to use duct tape to make the connection tighter. The materials used in this pipe is quality packed and hence, will last nearly a lifetime.


  • Top quality components used
  • Works well managing the heat
  • Sturdily built
  • Extendable up to 1.5m
  • Can be shortened up to 30 cm
  • Quick shipment


  • Gives a hard time to install

7. Zealor 5 Inch Exhaust Hose Counter

Is your portable air conditioner hose too short? Bring the 5” Zealor hose at your home and see the change in its effect on your environs. Thanks to its 78.7 inch extendable, you can easily make the hot air out of your place in no time. In the beginning, this polypropylene made tube remains only 16.9 inch and backed by a dependable amount of flexibility.  

Its straightforward installing feature has made it more endearing to the users. Replace any of your AC hose having 5” diameter. Downside? Thinner material is used in manufacturing this exhaust hose. Notwithstanding, it works just fine in passing the hot air out. Still, in terms of durability, you can’t beat it at this price.


  • Universal fit for AC’s with 5″ diameter hose
  • Extendable up to 78.7 inch 
  • 16.9 inch is the shortest length 
  • Firm and mobile
  • Made of flexible polypropylene 
  • Comfortable to mount


  • Thinner constrcution

8. Haier Portable Air Conditioner Exhaust

Portable Air Conditioner is quite different from that big one. And if the exhaust hose is from Haier, then the difference would be noticeable by its service. The experts tested the hose in a variety of classes to check its durability and stability. The excellence of its quality makes the product acceptable for different companies. 

To vent warm air, exhaust hose is a primary need if you own a portable air conditioner. Those people who often change their residence for versatile purposes and people who live in rent are the primary customer to purchase this portable air conditioner.

And as the exhaust hose is giving its best service, their choice is Haier without any doubt.


  • Works on maximum portable AC
  • Perfect fitting
  • Satisfaction in using
  • Optimal cooling is guaranteed
  • Fast delivery


  • Doesn’t work well with the fittings occasionally

9. TURBRO Portable Air Conditioner Exhaust

A portable AC is useless without its exhaust hose. And if the hose is from the Turbo then it will work smoothly. The hose is suitable for almost every portable AC.

Before connecting the hose to the AC read the instructions very carefully and act accordingly. The extended size of the hose is really praiseworthy compared with the other hose available in the market. 

The customer care service is really amazing. They don’t put their customers in a mid way of their problem rather solve their problems in various ways. You have to be very sure while purchasing the product about whether you need a clockwise threading or not.


  • Easy to install and perfect fitting
  • Stretchable
  • Reduces excessive heat
  • Made of eco-friendly polypropylene
  • Odorless


  • Poor customer services complained by some customers

FAQs on Portable Air Conditioner Exhaust Hose

Q. Is it okay to use a portable air conditioner in a room with no window?

Answer: Frankly speaking, NO! Similar to the typical AC units, portable ones also require to release heat for performing spontaneously. And to make the process easier, allowing the room to enjoy a smooth airing out through the window is the ideal option engineers have found so far.

Q. What will happen if my portable air conditioner doesn’t have an exhaust hose?

Answer: Well, your portable air conditioner won’t work, in that case. Without an exhaust hose, the portable units are useless. The other options like ventless air coolers can be a substitute which, of course, functions differently and not fall in the category of air conditioners. That being said, the exhaust hose is a must for portable ACs.

Q. What is the usual length of the exhaust hose of a portable air conditioner?

Answer: Until you’re not purchasing a separate exhaust tube for your portable air conditioner, the original one that accompanies the package is stretchable up to 48 inches max. While this may sound cool, so a better long term operation, we appreciate hoses that are comparatively shorter in length. Because they can serve efficiently without getting kinked or bent.

Q. Is it appropriate to vent a portable AC out a dryer vent?

Answer: Only with the portable ACs having smaller diameter vent hoses. Here’s a catch though – dryer vents having flaps on their external parts need to be avoided. The reason is clear – the flaps will remain closed owing the compressor’s not-so-strong push.  

Bringing it all together


Since you’re acquainted with the good and bad sides of a bunch of Portable Air Conditioner Exhaust Hose models, it’ll be easier for you to choose the right type for your portable AC.

Do care to inspect things like their material (for durability), flexibility, threading direction (clockwise or anti clockwise), ease of installation, warranty, adaptability with different AC models (the more the better), extension length (for better fit) and the like. 

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