Best Pasta Making Machine in 2021

Ever thought of why so many Italian cuisine enthusiasts undertake the hassle of making their dishes by own hand? The taste! Yes, it’s all about the freshness in taste that comes from an instantly made pasta. We know it’s time consuming to do it at home. However, collecting a pasta making machine can save your time and energy by all means.

In this article, we’ve reviewed 10 best pasta making machines that can solve your problem by providing palatable lasagna, fettuccini, tagliolini and so on within minutes!

List of The 9 Best Pasta Making Machine & Review

1. Marcato 8320 Atlas Pasta Machine

Guests have arrived and you’re out of snacks to offer? No worry! When you have the Marcato 8320 with you, you can easily prepare delicious fettuccine, lasagna, tagliolini or some other traditional Italian dishes at your own kitchen.

All you need to do is making a handmade dough mixing flour and egg, and feed them through the smooth roller on the machine. Keep the process running until you meet the desired thinness in the pasta sheet.

Once it gets the targeted thickness, run it through the cutting accessories included in the unit. Needless to say, this Italian device accompanies the hand crank and clamp made of quality materials. The inclusion of complete instructions is what makes it much easier to use!


  • Ensure perfect texture and taste
  • Thickness of the pasta sheet is adjustable up to 10 positions
  • Easy to process handle
  • 13 different accessories comes with the unit
  • Backed by a 10 years manufacturer’s warranty


  • Some users complained against its parts getting misaligned
  • Not durable

2. Imperia Pasta Maker Machine

Can’t forget that taste you enjoyed last night at a pasta restaurant? Also needs to take care of time and savings? Why not do it in an affordable and the most delicious way possible with the Imperia Pasta Maker Machine? This glossy steel made unit is chrome plated, hence, super sturdy.

Its versatility lies in its capacity to produce various dishes from the wide fettucini noodles to thin spaghetti and much more, thanks to its 6 inch wide roller that accompanies double cutter head!

In order to ensure smooth cranking out of the dough, it’s engineered with an easy lock adjustment dial. We can’t unsee the benefit of its wooden grip handle as well.


  • Italian product
  • Easy to use
  • Durable 
  • Made of solid steel & wooden handle
  • Includes multiple attachments


  • English manual not included
  • Gets rusted and chrome coat chips off

3. Pasta Maker Machine Hand Crank

While a lot of other models available out there offer little ease in terms of cleaning after every use, this machine by OxGord is beyond amazing owing to its hassle free washing feature. Safe to say, you can wash its stainless steel rollers & blades in the dishwasher without decreasing their effectiveness.

Engineered to prepare various mouthwatering dishes including linguine and fresh spaghetti alfredo, the best pasta maker owns several cool features.

The easy to click adaptable dial is the most functional one. It lets you make the dough in proper shape by switching between 9 thickness settings. Use any of the 3 detachable blades and get your favorite pasta noodles instantly.

Besides, you won’t find any hassle while clamping it with your kitchen top, cheers to the pre-drilled holes on it! And since the handle is removable, storing it is a breeze.


  • Pre-drilled holes for ease of clamping
  • Stainless steel rollers ensure durability
  • Rollers and blades are dishwasher safe
  • Blades are detachable
  • Dials allow 9 thickness settings


  • Scratches and dents can be found on the blades

4. Pasta Maker Deluxe Set

In an unbeatable price tag, this Deluxe Set by CucinaPro not only help you make tasty spaghetti, but you can see it making 4 other different types of pasta variation namely ravioli, fettuccini, lasagnette and angel hair.

While its innovative attachments offer 5 different authentic pasta recipes, its chrome coated steel promises to serve you for years.

In case, you don’t want your menu remain restricted to the mentioned dishes, adding new tastes to your dine will require purchasing some other attachments separately. In addition, you won’t need to compromise on quality and long lastingness of the product.

Because like the other creations of CucinaPro, this pasta maker will exceed your expectations in terms of functionality and straightforwardness of use.


  • One stop shop for authentic pasta
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Chrome coated steel for durability
  • Includes 3 attachments for 5 dishes


  • Metal covers keep attaching with the dough

5. Philips Pasta and Noodle Maker

One of the best electric pasta makers, Philips has arrived to reduce your cooking time even sacrificing on the appetizing meals.

Within 15 minutes, it can make your bowl filled with your most liked Italian cuisines including lasagne, penne, fettucini, and spaghetti. Not to mention, its  4 shaping discs is the magic sauce here.

Since the hefty construction of the machine is meant to provide you with automatic mixing, kneading and extruding feature, there remains almost nothing to ask for.

Your taste buds won’t ever be bored with the same taste again. Simply mix your needed ingredients be it some herbs,  carrots, spinach, beets or eggs and personalize the pasta flavor accordingly.

Lastly,  the package accompanies accessories like water & flour cups, and flat scraping or cleaning tool.


  • Matching cleaning tools for the shaping discs 
  • Smart storage drawer helps keep the discs safe
  • perfect taste & texture are confirm
  • Auto mixing, kneading & extruding
  • Prompt, takes only 15 min to make the noodles


  • The unit often breaks after a few times use

6. Gourmia GPM9980 – Pasta Maker

While a lot of best pasta making machines give you a horrible, messed up after-cleaning experience, specialized in dry wiping off with a brush, the Gourmia GPM9980 is one of the most favorite items we’ve come across. We loved how it cuts off the idea of rubbing the flour particles using water.

Apart from its stress free maintenance, this apparatus also ensures the highest durability in the long run. The appreciable stainless steel surface is the basis of what needs to keep up the lasting impression throughout the year. The added protection from vulnerability is assured with steel chrome plated cutter and roller.

Also, you can’t beat its easy to use mechanism. Only 2 steps to have the plate filled with your preferred meal – flattening the dough with the roller and cutting them with blades.


  • Steel chrome plated cutter & roller
  • Straightforward mechanism
  • Simple brushing will clean all leftovers from the machine
  • Rust free and hence, enduring
  • 9 thickness settings for versatility


  • Too fragile to last

7. Ovente Stainless Steel Pasta Maker

Wanna have some gorgeous pasta of your own hands? The Oventa PA515S gives you and your family plus friends that opportunity to make clean and hygienic pasta with different sizes and shapes.

Its unique and vintage style gives you the feeling of a professional chef making the delicious pasta.

Moreover, for being stainless steel and polished chrome, it’s gonna last longer than any typical maker. It has also a double pasta cutter attachment which adds elegant in making a mouth watering fettucine and/ or spaghetti.

Cleaning should not be an excuse to avoid the home made pasta. Instead of using water, clean the machine using a brush or wooden rod. Rolling the dough was not that much easy before Ovento Maker took the task on its own hand.

Fondant for delicious cakes, dough rolling, ramen noodles also can be made in quick temperature. So, it’s time to replace the packed and box pasta, with your own hand made pasta….


  • 3 premium attachments are like friends with benefits of the machine
  • Very easy to use that gives you a homely environment
  • Versatility allows it to knead any kind of occasional dough
  • Mess free cleaning


  • Pasta dough doesn’t evenly rolled

8. Weston 6 Inch Traditional Style 6

When it comes to a pasta making machine, the first thing you should notice is whether it carries warranty with it. Because it’s not new to get a defective product or have them broken after one/ two times’ use.

That being said, you can rely on the 6″ Weston Traditional Pasta Machine that carries a limited 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Sure, warranty is a thing we give high priority but what we can’t ignore is its structure, ease of use and clean along with storage facilities as well.

And if we consider all these factors, this Weston production still remains ahead in the game. It’s a mixture of old tradition and new tech, hence a perfect call of the time.

Its significant parts include the sturdy cutting head, C- clamp, and adjustable rollers. Together they just do the magic of preparing seamless pasta variants (spaghetti, lasagna, fettuccini, lasagnette, half moon & square raviolis, angel hair, and linguini.)


  • C- clamp for attaching with table
  • Double cutting head helps prepare spaghetti & fettuccini 
  • Comes with easy manual and recipe book
  • 1 year manufacturer’s limited warranty


  • Attachments get corroded

9. KitchenAid KSMPEXTA Gourmet Pasta Press

Featuring 6 quick change discs, the KitchenAid KSMPEXTA is famed as the most liked item among a lot of Italian gourmets.

Because, this single kitchen appliance can provide you with multiple dishes inlcuding bucatini, spaghetti, rigatoni, macaroni (both large and small), fusilli and what not!

Choose your desired length of the pasta with no hassle. Simply cut the rolled out pasta using the built in wire cutter and ta-da! Storing the unit is also super cool compared to other messier models.

Thanks to its personal storage case, it allows the pasta press and other components go vanish once done.

In case, you find it price tag little bit higher, the included pusher, pasta press & discs, cleaning tool etc. will lighten the thought.


  • Easy and quick
  • Made in Italy
  • No compromise with taste
  • Can make 6 different types of pasta 
  • Rigatoni cuts don’t stuck with one another


  • Pastas may lose their shape while cutting

Buying Guide For Best Pasta Making Machine

The following factors are key to the worthy purchase of a pasta making machine –

Pasta Types

Pasta lovers love variety in taste and shape as well. So, when you’re thinking of treating yourself or your loved ones with this Italian meal, it’s a good idea to collect a maker that’s capable of producing as many recipes as possible single handedly. Of course, you’ll find the electric device more influential than the manual ones in this case.

Ease of Cleaning

Pasta making machines contain some complex parts where the flour dough or pasta residual begin to stuck during the operation, causing a great cleaning issue afterward. Hence, a lot of pasta enthusiast try to avoid using the machine even when they badly feel so.

In case, you don’t want to undergo such a mental dilemma and can give vent to your desire of having tasty pasta at home whenever you want, choosing the one that offers easier wiping feature and most importantly dishwasher safe would be a rewarding decision.


When we invest in a pasta making machine, we want to ensure that it keeps on serving us for decades. And that’s where we should give a profound thought on the materials used in the device. As expected, only the expensive ones claim of using quality parts in their machine, you can opt for a moderate model when your need is limited and you’re not a frequent eater of pasta. Otherwise, bringing the pricey unit at home has no comparison for long term service.

Working speed

You can’t keep your guest waited for hours for tasting your special Italian dish. Therefore, it’s recommended to choose the kit that is fast and delivers perfect taste at the same time. The electronic pasta making machines are famous for working at a swift pace. In fact, they can make the dough, roll and then cut the pasta themselves within the shorted span possible.

On the other hand, the speed of the manual units largely is a little bit different. Because the dough making is still in your hand. Once you prepare the dough, then the duty of your manual pasta maker starts. So, it’s obvious that comparing both types is illogical when it comes to timing. However, you can always select the models that offer the best timing among their own kind.

FAQs on Best Pasta Making Machine

Q. How do I clean a rusty pasta maker?

Answer: With baking soda. Firstly, sprinkle it exactly on the rusty spots and let it sit for half an hour. Then, use a drenched brush for scrubbing the corroded place of the pasta making machine until the mark completely vanishes. Finally, rinse the machine and wipe it with a dry fabric.

Q. Can I store fresh pasta?

Answer: Sure. it’s possible to store freshly made pasta for 2 days in your refrigerator. Before you do that, you’ll need to walk an extra mile by dusting the pasta with flour and then drying it.

Q. Can I roll out cookie dough with a pasta machine?

Answer: Yes, you can. Pasta machines are versatile and can let you do more than just rolling out noodles. Therefore, whenever you feel like having cookies, get your dough ready. Make 1 inch thick disks with it and cover with cling film. However, preserving the dough in the refrigerator for 60 minutes before you start making disks with the pasta making machine would bring a satisfying outcome.

Q. What setting in the pasta maker is best for fettuccine?

Answer: 3 mm is the basic thickness preferred for thicker types of pasta including fettuccine, chitarra, corzetti, tagliatelle and pappardelle. In other words, keep it similar to the thick of a cotton bed sheet. More precisely, in setting 2/ 3.

Q. Can I wash the pasta machine?

Answer: You Should Not. Because it is meant to be dry, and therefore, after coming in contact with water, the parts may get eroded. So, the rule of thumb is wiping the roller and blade with paper towels.

To Wrap Up

Whatever your favorite item is, be it spaghetti, lasagna or usual noodles, let them take their form in your kitchen. Bring any of the above mentioned model and see it work according to your need. And since you can’t test each one individually, take aid from our provided cheat sheet in the form of pros and cons. They will bring light to features you may need to consider for matching your needs.

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