Best Weighted Blankets [Picks 2020]

Do you face difficulties with your nap? Nowadays the rate and level of insomnia have increased a lot. It is due to the constant worry, frustration etc that do not let you sleep when all you need is a proper nap. Provided below are the cheap weighted blanket reviews:

1. Harkla Adult Weighted Blanket

Harkla Adult Weighted Blankets (20lbs) - Helps Sleep, Anxiety, Autism Sensory Processing Disorder - Perfect Those who weigh 150 to 200-pounds - Price Include Duvet Cover & Weight

Harkla, one of the top-rated weighted blankets, is really convenient to get rid of the front layer for easy cleaning and drying at home that consists of dual piece duvet style cover, which can be flexibly eliminated or eradicated.

Moreover, this smooth minky cool weighted blanket remains flexible while cleaning. 

In addition to that, the lavish and top-rated weighted blanket is tremendously smooth. It gives us a feeling and an experience of premium removable cover as well as remains smooth and flexible while cleaning.

The duvet style heavy Harkla Adult Weighted Blankets is going to provide you the soothing and comfortable sense and experience of pressure required or demanded by you.

In addition to that, it is the most suitable for people whose weight are around 150 to 200 pounds.

The coolest and top-rated Harkla Adult Weighted Blankets never brag or misguide people regarding their guarantees.

The Harkla Company has not contented also until the customers are 100% pleased regarding the quality of the weighted blankets. 

This Company is really careful regarding the quality of their weighted blankets as well as their customers. Moreover, they are more likely to answer any questions or queries of potential customers.


  • Fleece like premium detachable cover
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Sensory input with a therapeutic advantage
  • Very soft
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • A few people state that this weighted blanket consists of a weird stink
  • Hotter than it needs to be

2. YnM Weighted Blankets

YnM Weighted Blanket (10 lbs for Kids, 41''x60'') | 2.0 Heavy Blanket | 100% Cotton Material with Glass Beads

The unique and organic weighted blanket provides fantastic all natural sleep that is really helpful for children and adults by presenting the mild and calm feeling of being held to persuade profound, healthy and sound sleep.

The eradicated or eliminated duvet cover is greatly suggested for cleaning or washing this cool YnM Weighted Blanket in a really flexible way.

Moreover, forgetting matching cover for this cool and top-rated YnM Weighted Blanket, do look for YnM Duvet Cover. 

In addition to that, buy both the blanket and cover together to achieve the discount. YnM Weighted Blankets possess the capability to create an innovative 7 layer weighted blanket.

Their 7 layer method has been designed to flexibly enclose the body and form to the person’s shape while sleeping. 

Furthermore, the higher number of glass beads and lower fiber fill design provides enhanced control of warmth.

In addition to that, all section consists of glass bead sewn into the exact or accurate place to avert movement and sound, while people are taking rest.

It also offers smooth and equally distributed weight, which soothingly conforms to the body of the people.

The maximum weight of the YnM Weighted Blanket ends up on the couch, but not the consumer.


  • Easy to clean
  • Breathable, soft & warm
  • Conforms your body with even weight
  • More than sufficient temperature control 
  • MORE glass beads & LESS fiber fill design


  • Poorly stitched 
  • Beads all come over the bed

3. Premium Adult Weighted Blanket and Removable Cover

Quility Premium Adult Weighted Blanket & Removable Cover | 15 lbs | 60”x80” | for Individual Between 120-180 lbs | Full Size Bed | Premium Glass Beads | Cotton/Minky | Grey/Navy Blue

The extra large weighted blanket is created or produced from 100% cotton material as well as full of glass beads that are non-poisonous also hypoallergenic.

In addition to that, the beads are positioned into tiny polyester pockets that enable to place the beads in an exact or accurate position. This helps to stop them from sliding and slipping within the weighted blanket.

All the compression extra large weighted blanket brings us a detachable polyester duvet cover, that is safe into position with 8 string attached by the side of the edge of the weighted blanket. 

Eliminating the quilt not only enables you to stay cool throughout the nights of summer but also makes it really flexible and creates no difficulty for doing laundry.

So, take the cover out, clean or wash it in the machine and dry it in the air.

The extra large Quality Premium Adult Weighted Blanket is therapy or remedy that contains Deep Pressure Therapy to battle gentle to extreme indications of fretfulness, not being able to sleep, ADHD, Impatient Leg Disorder as well as PTSD. 

These top rated and organic weighted blankets offer a natural impact; hence they are sometimes considered as a substitute to prescription or cure.


  • Ultra breathable
  • 100% cotton outer layer
  • Non glue polyester padding 
  • 2 extra polyester layers with micro glass beads 
  • Upon dissatisfaction, a no questions asked full refund is offered


  • Uneven sewing
  • Stinky
  • Quality doesn’t meet the price

4. Magic Blanket in Luxurious Soft Fabric

42x72 16lb Champagne Chenille Magic Blanket - The Blanket That Hugs You Back | World's 1st Weighted Blanket |Molds to Body Increasing Serotonin|Great for Anxiety & Insomnia| Made in USA

Due to their uneven remedial design, conventionally weighted blankets that are found in hospitals are flexible to tell. This type of design or look is dependent on the stitching that is able to be seen on the outer surface of the blanket. 

However, the coolest and top-rated Magic Weighted Blanket is sewn without any stitching that is noticeable, providing it a soft and non-healing appearance, though it gives the best curative impacts.

The cool Luxurious Soft Fabric Magic Blanket is created or produced from chenille. Chenille is a French word which stands for the caterpillar.

It indicates the smooth wooly fiber of the cool and luxurious Magic Weighted Blanket that consists of a covered with hair caterpillar type look. 

In addition to that, chenille is contracted from a compilation of cotton, olefin, rayon as well as acrylic.

It provides this organic weighted blanket a really smooth touch and keeps people hot with a bed that is flexible. It also enables people with stylish covered up appearance when it is widened. 

Moreover, chenille contains the trait of breathable as well as hypoallergenic. This blanket can be found in various weights starting from 4 to 24lbs.


  • Soft to feel
  • Non therapeutic look
  • Classy & extraordinary plush chenille fabric
  • The attached duvet cover is easy to wash
  • No assembly required


  • Expensive
  • Smaller in size
  • A bit noisy

5. Platinum Health Premium Weighted Blanket

Premium Weighted Blanket, Perfect Size 60

While the other side comprises the innovative Sensa Cool Dot System of the cool and top-rated Comforter Premium Weighted Blanket, which enables to keep the consumers cool, the external cover is smooth and silky on one side. 

Besides, it is also fully reversible. It also consists of non-remedial look.

The Comforter Premium Weighted Blanket contains the trait of fully consistent, non-curative look, as the whole weighting system is veiled within the cover, not like several weighted blankets with extremely visible lumpy, square pocket stitching.

The top-rated Comforter Premium Weighted Blanket consists of a broad 60” x 80” measurement. Do not get deceived by purchasing an undersized blanket.

Research shows that a 60” x 80” size is the perfect measurement that offers full time, full body force remedy as you take a nap.

The XL size helps to stop the organic weighted blanket from sliding off the body when you transfer to the bed.

The external cover smoothly and flexibly zips to one side for swift, smooth cleaning as well as speedy drying.

It is not at all required to clean the whole blanket like the former one-piece blankets, which take a long time to dry.


  • Premium cover comes with the package
  • 7 color choices 
  • Comfortably weightier, hence, good for sound sleep
  • Sensacool dot technology ensures pressure therapy
  • High density 100% safe, glass beads


  • Beads aren’t evenly distributed 
  • Too expensive

6. Anxiety Removable Duvet Cover for Weighted Blanket

ZonLi Weighted Blanket (48''x72'', 10lbs for 80-120 lbs, Grey) for Adults Women, Men, Kids | Premium Cotton with Glass Beads

The Zonli Weighted Blanket can be found in six different weights that are the most appropriate for adults. The various sizes are 15, 17, 20, 22, 25 and also 30 pounds.

This range will be really suitable for most of the adults including the teenagers, weighing between around 90 to 300 pounds. 

Moreover, the Zonli Weighted blanket can be found in seven and twelve-pound criteria for kids too.

While the smooth microfiber padding and great distribution of weight enable the weighted blanket to hug the body in a flexible way, the breathable cotton enables the sleepers to take a relaxing and tranquil nap.

In addition to that, a bamboo rayon cover can be found as well.

The organic Zonli Removable Duvet Cover for Weighted Blanket has a correlation with eight weighted loops for making the sure distribution of equal bead. However, maximum rival weighted blankets have four or five loops of this type. 

This cool and top-rated weighted blanket also consist of two internal microfiber layers which enable to get rid of leakage of the bead. 

These Zonli weighted blankets are the most suitable and appropriate ones for them who are really fond of body-hugging blankets.


  • Breathable & easy to wash
  • Perfect gift item for your youngsters
  • Included glass beads are odorless 
  • Available in 5 different colors
  • Ensures 24/7 customer service


  • Difficult to readjust during sleep
  • Few purchasers complained about the pellets of spilling

7. Amy Garden Weighted Blanket

Amy Garden Weighted Blanket (48

The internal weighted layer is created or produced from 100% premium breathable cotton and its components are full of hypoallergenic, nonpoisonous as well as stink fewer glass beads that are equally distributed in all the components.

The cool and top-rated Amy Garden Weighted Blanket have always been trying heart and soul to enhance the quality of their weighted blankets. 

They have come up with fantastic updates on their weighted blankets. Most importantly, the improved quality cotton fabric which is personalized is able to offer soft breathable touch feeling. 

Furthermore, the modernized weighted blanket implement greater durable thread of cotton as well as really intense sewing method to get rid of the leakage of blanket glass beans.

Removes negative aspects- Compared to the other blankets and duvets, Amy Garden Weighted Blankets are heavier. 

You might feel heavy at first, but the blanket’s weight is really beneficial in relaxing the nervous system as well as an enable to get rid of strain or pressure, nervousness and also get a quick nap. 

If you select a fit size and weight which is based on your weight, your body will definitely start getting used to this weight, normally after regularly using it for 3 to 7 days.


  • 100% Premium Breathable Cotton
  • Hypo-allergenic, odorless, non-toxic glass beads
  • Suitable for a cozy nap or a relaxing sleep
  • Absorbs moisture to keep skin comfy
  • Less fiber fill design controls the temperature


  • Heavy inner layer & duvet cover need separate purchase
  • Easily gets kneaded by baby or pets

8. Cute King Weighted Heavy Blanket

CuteKing Weighted Heavy Blanket 20lbs 60''x80'' Queen or Full Size for Adult Women Men (Dark Grey)

Quality full material- The Cute King Weighted Blanket is created or produced from 100% high-density cotton cloth, resilient as well as breathable, full of greater smaller glass beads which contain lower fiber, great for controlling the temperature.

Moreover, this makes it really suitable for using it every season.

Eliminates bad habits- This top-notch weighted blanket can be used for relaxing or comforting the nervous system, most suitable and appropriate for children and adults with nervousness, autism, ADHD, not being able to sleep or constant worry and much more.

The manufacturers of Cute King Weighted Blanket sew all the components of the blanket to the exact and accurate size so that the weight of the blanket is equally distributed and the customers will feel smooth and relaxed. 

The brand new sewing technology holds the motive to decrease the leakage of beads and make the weighted blankets long lasting.

To money back and return 30 days for any reason. Cute King provides or offers a warranty of 3 years for free repairing. 

They also provide after sales service for a lifetime. Moreover, the blankets are manufactured at their very own factory.


  • Breathable cotton fabric controls body temp
  • Polyester layers help avoid leakage
  • New sewing technology for durability
  • Easy to hold the blanket in place by attaching the duvet cover with its 6 loops
  • Neat compartments for a comfortable sleep


  • No duvet cover is coming with the blanket 
  • Edges get weightier than other parts

9. Kpblis Weighted Gravity Blanket

Kpblis Weighted Blanket 15 lbs 48

While Kpblis also creates or manufactures duvet covers, it is the blanket itself. In addition to that, it is premium, made from 100% cotton and full of hypo allergenic poly pellets.

Moreover, the organic weighted blanket is nonpoisonous. 

As you can see from observing the blanket, the pellets are equally divided into squares, separated by closures. This prevents the blankets from becoming lumpy or uneven. 

It will never slide around while you take a nap. It will always remain in the exact or accurate position.

The tiny, smooth pellets offer the required and appropriate weight. The weighted blanket reviews of Kpblis always consist of weight aptitude. 

The measurement of this exceptional weighted blanket is 48 by 72 inches and it also weighs 15 pounds. It is highly suggested for people weighing between 100 to 150 pounds.

This cool weighted blanket consists of really attractive and appealing design which will definitely grab the attention of the potential customers. 

Moreover, it comes in two colors light and dark grey. Both these pros will surely encourage the customers to buy this weighted blanket.


  • Improves sleep experience 
  • 100% premium cotton fabrics give softer, cozy feel
  • Tightly knitted, therefore, remain in shape
  • Internal filler helps evenly distribute the beads
  • Advanced sewing technology prevents bead leakage


  • Too hot
  • Some users discovered holes in the blanket after washing

10. RelaxBlanket Premium Cotton Adult Weighted Heavy Blanket

RelaxBlanket Weighted Blanket | 60''x80'',25lbs | for Individual Between 240-280 lbs | Premium Cotton Material with Glass Beads | Navy

If you are continuously missing a peaceful sleep for the last few days, months or years, chances are you haven’t tried the RelaxBlanket yet.

Meant to introduce with an adorable feeling of being hugged, this 25 weighed heavy blanket will leave you no room for complaining.

No matter you’re looking to have a power nap or a relaxing swing on the rocking chair, its glass beads with 100% premium high density cotton will have your back. 

It comes with the attribute of controlling temperature. Therefore, you can use it throughout the entire year. Multiple choices include sizes 48”x72”, 60”x80” & 80”×90”.

The first measurement goes better for a twin bed,  the next one for a queen or full bed and finally, anyone with a king size bed should choose the third sized one. 

To avoid noise or uneven distribution of the beads, the blanket comes with compartments so thoughtfully sewn.

Last but not the least, while you’ll be comforting with this piece of warmth, RelaxBlanket’s offer of no question asked – full refund upon dissatisfaction will ensure your peace of mind. 


  • Preferable for all seasons
  • Duvet cover attached with blanket makes it easy to clean
  • Varieties of color, materials, and styles are available
  • Engineered to give a huggy feel
  • No boundaries upon size and weight


  • Not applicable for expectant women, infants, and sick patient

Buying guide

Safety and security awareness for using weighted blankets

  • If a person has a deteriorating health condition, then he or she should definitely refrain from using a heavy weighted blanket. Putting on a heavy blanket will make them more restless as well as hamper the condition of their health.
  • For using a weighted blanket, the least prerequisite is to put the weight of 20 pounds, but not more than that. It is highly restricted to put a blanket of more than 20 pounds over a human body.
  • Before taking a nap do not forget to try out the blanket stacking. Wait for around 15 minutes and verify that your power, maneuverability as well as motor skills are not going to be at stake.
  • Children, babies and toddlers should refrain themselves from using this weighted blanket. The parents should be tremendously cautious if the age of the baby is less than 2 years. Moreover, you should never leave your baby alone to sleep under the weighted blanket.
  • Additional care is required to be taken while using a heavy weighted blanket for a small child, though you would prefer to ensure they acquire the physical potency to eradicate the blanket if it is really essential.
  • Never make the mistake of draping or securing your baby in any way, simply position it over the top for relaxation and flexible access, so he or she does not get trapped because of it.
  • If you are a victim of Claustrophobia or Cleithrophobia, then using weighted blankets that make you feel restless, encloses you or puts pressure on your body is not at all a wise idea. Lastly, you could bear the sufferings of extreme panic attacks. Thus, the companies should focus on manufacturing lighter blankets.
  • Benefits of a weighted blanket for anxiety.

Which size should you select?

One of the greatest mistakes buyers make when selecting weighted blankets is selecting the inappropriate or wrong size. You do not require a queen or an extra large size to cover your whole bed. A weighted blanket must cover your body starting from chin to feet, that’s all you need.

  • For what reason you require the weighted blanket?- Do you require it to enhance your nap or make the indication of your illness or disorder easier?
  • The parts of the body you would prefer to be covered- from chin to knees, from chin to feet or from chest to feet.
  • The preference of your nap- Will you prefer to share your blanket with another person? What’s their height and weight? Would they prefer the size of your blanket?
  • The mobility- Will you prefer to use the quilt outside of your bedroom? Car trips? Remedial sessions?
    It is highly dependent on the mass of your body, personal choice, the motive of the weighted blanket and your certain requirements. The sizes and weights of different blankets will vary by little inches from one manufacturer to the other.


Therefore, there can be no better solution to your insomnia more than the best-weighted blanket. To make the accurate choice, you can go through the above-provided information. All these remedial blankets are suitable for children and adults. So, go to your nearest store and grab these amazing weighted blankets.

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