7 Best Cheap Hip Hop Jewelry in 2021

Having swag and displaying it takes a significant inclusion in your outfits – the Jewelry. To be more specific, you need to add some hip hop flavor to your appearance so that perfect bling is ensured. And when you want it without emptying your wallet, you’re definitely in need of collecting some Cheap Hip Hop Jewelry items. They can be gold or silver chain with inlaid diamonds or sapphire on it. Only fake in nature by the way!

However, the truth is – it’s easy to get overflooded with options when it comes to showing off your swagger. And not all the ornaments available out there guarantees a lasting impression. So, in an attempt to provide you with a flawless gangsta look, we’ve compiled the 7 best Cheap Hip Hop Jewelry scanning both their pros and cons.

The article also covers in-depth buyers guide along with a FAQ section to aid you in finding the best hip hop bling for your money.

1. Hip Hop Miami Cuban Chain

Searching for the best diamond hip hop jewelry you can pair with any dress on every event? Then you’ve come across to the right unit. Thus gold plated over brass model look so enticing that it becomes an everyday occurrence to get admired no matter where you visit.

This set combines a Necklace, a Bracelet and a pair of ear studs. Together they produce such a mesmerizing effect that you won’t think of leaving it behind whenever you visit outside.

The overall look and feel are a real combo any hip hop lover would appreciate. Needless to say, you’re gonna fascinate all da ladies in da house wearing this créme de la créme.


  • Stunningly designed fully iced out cuban chain & bracelet
  • Looks so expensive 
  • Shines a lot
  • Color remains like the newly bought item forever
  • Gives a statement making wanksta look


  • Could be a little heavier

2. Hip Hop Watch & Jewerly Set

You don’t need to buy merely jewelry items to get that real playa look. This shiny glitter dial watch can bestow another level of swag to your personality. The package comes accompanying a 9″ Cuban chain bracelet. Talking of the appearance – it’s a fully iced jewelry –  a feature that can step up your swagger game in no time.

Shining like real diamond, this GJM13 Gold item by Charles Raymond is likely to offer anyone’s wrist, neck and finger a treat for a more fashionable look. The rubber bullet design in this wrist watch is the most flawless concept you’ll see in any other cheap hip hop jewelry models in the market.

As for the materials used, you would love to know that all its parts are from Japan and meticulously assembled in Singapore. And since it’s serving without deficiency for several generations, we personally don’t see any harm in collecting it as well.


  • Doesn’t fade easily
  • Jewelry box easy for wrapping 
  • Stainless steel back
  • Stylish to look at when all the pieces are worn together
  • Unbeatable combination of dial watch and fully iced jewelry


  • Color changes overtime

3. Hip Hop Gold Tone CZ

Struggle amidst the crowd to earn that special attention will be a thing of past. Sporting cubic zirconia this Cuban chain can promptly flood you with showers of appreciation from both folks and ladies.

On the flat top setting, this inexpensive yet fantastic model look beyond perfection. Users tend to wear it on special occasions in order to extend its service time.

Boys are adding it to their prom outfit to get that astounding vibe. Breaking the stereotype belief that cheap items look dull and wane easily, this one simply wins thousands of hip hop lovers’ heart. In fact, you cannot beat its heavy weight which is so uncommon in the usual models sold out there.

A great piece to show off around guys at club or dancing floor. And most importantly, those shorties will never be crossing you without giving a jaw dropping winky expression so, what are you waiting for?


  • Astonishingly eye catching to look at
  • Perfect for Halloween or prom nights
  • Doesn’t rust after first use
  • Looks shiny under the sun
  • Reasonably priced


  • Requires a lot of carefulness to save the metal color
  • Not recommended for everyday wear

4. NYUK Gold Chain for Men with Dollar Sign

If you’re seeking for a gold hip hop jewelry, your quest ends here. This Dollar Sign Pendant Necklace by NYUK is so appealing to the eyes of the beholders that you will never go unnoticed. Cheers to its iced out dollar sign, you may get tired of receiving compliments for this 18k real gold plated chain.

People with skin issues, who find typical seller’s chain allergenic and hence avoid to wear on a daily basis, will be delighted to know that this charming piece carries no such symptoms afterward.

Therefore, anyone can prolong their fashionable look with it without thinking about some unexpected rashes or sensitive outcome as a result.


  • Remains unchangeable for decades
  • Robust and lasting 
  • Longer chain creates an ultimate hip hop look
  • The dollar sign locket is very shiny 
  • Boosts the wearer’s confidence


  • Pendant’s coating may chip out

5. U7 Men Hip Hop Chunky Chain Width 3.5mm-12mm

Featuring 316 L Stainless Steel, this Men Hip Hop Chunky Chain by U7 is dedicated to serve you for years without getting tarnished or broke. Unlike other models, it won’t turn black or green with the passing of time as well.

This top notch 18K Gold ornament is also charismatic enough and look expensive though comes for a very affordable price.

To strengthen the idea of its durability, the manufacturers have made 20 times thicker than typical chains. Available in 3 color options – stainless steel, gold & black – this cheap hip hop jewelry is on high demand now a days. 4 width options give the vent to its multipurpose use.

Incredible to know, this chunky chain is customizable. You can choose to have your desired five letter name, date of birth or some special sign engraved on it. Suitable to be a birthday or anniversary present.


  • Available in 4 width options & 8 chain length styles 
  • Constructed using German imported polishing & electroplating apparatus
  • An appropriate everyday wear
  • Personalizing feature up to 5 characters
  • U7 design box encourages it to be a gift item


  • Cheap paint is sprayed on it
  • A fake vibe emerges

6. Basketball Wives Love and Hip Hop

Coming with the lobster clasp & extender chain, this 18” has become one of the most talked topics of the town. Weighing just 120 gram this hip hop fashion jewelry is ideal to complement your everyday fashion.

Impress everyone you come across simply by a glimpse of this piece. In fact, your outward appearance is going to be the next trend of your zone and undoubtedly, this is what you want.

Your followers are going to be fascinated with this chunky item. Because this much glorious shine on such an affordable item is not a deal you see every day. Showers of compliments will be a usual scenario no matter where you visit.

Rock with the Basketball Wives or wear the style of a punk rocker, in every look, your awesomeness will keep on increasing. A perfect combination for wardrobes you might be in the next concert, night club, or in some costume party.


  • An extraordinary blend of design, length & metal 
  • Can be coupled with both stylish & casual
  • Too amazing when paired with party dress
  • Halloween or night clubs are the ideal place to wear it
  • Value for the money


  • Could be a little longer

7. BHTKJ Mens Hip Hop Ring 2 Rows

Cherish the best of what the BHTKJ has to offer with this iced out wedding ring. Its 14K gold & silver plated is sure to take your charm to the next level.

Other components used in the cheap real hip hop jewelry are brass and zircon, both of which are ideal to bring an extra glamor about your personality. Available in 5 different sizes, it can be gifted to anyone both young and old.

In case you’re confused with its suitability with events you would be attending, just wear with without giving a second thought. Because its elegance is beyond amazing and verily fits any attire and occasion both day and evening.

A full refund upon customer’s dissatisfaction following no questions asked principle is something you can’t beat with anything else.


  • Ensures a presentable look
  • Suits evening outfits and parties
  • Rhodium finish saves against getting tarnished
  • Affordable but looks fine
  • No questions asked full refund offer


  • Stones keep falling with time

Buying Guide For Cheap Hip Hop Jewelry

Anatomy of the Chain

While purchasing a Cheap Hip Hop Jewelry, a few things need to consider. Because apart from their varieties in design, material and size or length, the three most important factors are – bails, inlays, and pave. So, here are the detailed discussion on these points –

Bail – The very mechanism that is used to connect the pendant with the chain is called the bail. It remains secured with the pendant, yet important for the whole set up. Because it creates an overall impact on how the piece will look. So, you can either purchase the chain that accompanies a matching pendant or better do some pragmatic research on how it can be fitted most. For example, for gold chain and pendant, a golden bail is the most suitable, and the like.

Inlay – In any chain, a certain spot is preserved for laying diamonds, gems or stones. That decorative place is called inlay. In a silver chain, the inlay will be made of silver – that’s the plain rule. You should follow the symmetry while making personalized jewelry item. The available ones in the market are mostly, however, in proper order.

Pave setting – The area where a cluster of gems or stones is put closely together is named pave setting. Interestingly, the diamonds or gems are secured with tiny metal prongs. Sometimes beads are also used for the purpose. In that case, the whole set up becomes more attractive and luxurious focusing only on the stones and hiding the beads in the background.

Fake or Not

When you complete your fashion with a diamond hip hop jewelry set, it definitely doesn’t mean all the items are made of real diamonds. The market is replete with imitation ornaments and grabbing them for decking up yourself is no bad thing.

The fact is – we all don’t afford to wear real gold or diamond jewelry for impressing all of your homeboys. Hence, depending on fake cheap hip hop jewelry for turning heads should be considered no crime. Just you have to ensure that it does carry a real vibe and the only way to get the reality out be through scrutinizing by an expert. 😉


The length of a hip hop chain depends on your preference for the same. From 20”, 24”, 30”, and 36” you have to choose the most suitable one for you. Majority of the gangster look comes from the 24” chains.

However, if your body shape is broader than usual it may take one size long chain to complete the fashion. Besides, you can take the measure of your required length with a cord before ordering the actual product.


In terms of thickness of the chain, it’s ordinary to choose a delicate chain when a pendant is also coming to complement its style. Otherwise, you can always pick from as thin as 8 mm to as thick as 21 mm according to your taste.

FAQs on Cheap Hip Hop Jewelry

Q. What is Hip Hop Jewelry?

Answer: No specific item can be defined as a hip hop jewelry item. Meaning that it does carry some variation and chain is the most common piece of ornament rappers love to deck up themselves with. Of course, there should be a blingy pendant on it to shine throughout da club. Gold, silver, and platinum are primary material used in such accessories, and then they are decorated with stones like rubies, diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires.

Q. What does iced out mean?

Answer: Since diamonds are as clear as ice, the phrase iced out is used to refer to diamond or white stones jotted together to give the impression of a shiny piece.

Q. How can I test whether something is made of real gold or not?

Answer: The process requires a few steps to follow. First of all, scratch lightly on the gold by your nail file. Avoid choosing the exposed spot though. Then, pour a tiny drop of nitric acid exactly on the scratched mark you made. And look carefully. No reaction means pure gold. Otherwise, the opposite.

Q. What are some of the hip hop jewelry famous Rappers wear?

Answer: Every rapper has their own personalized style and that becomes evident with their selective choice of jewelry. Some of the famous playas are –

  • Drake who wears OVO chain
  • Quavo’s Ratatouille Chain
  • A$AP Ferg’s Yamborghini Chain
  • Teardrop Chain of Offset
  • Stone Island Chain of Drake

Summing Up

With all these options together, selecting one best item it becomes a tougher game.

So, the rule of thumb is – consider your situation in question, in other words, why you actually need the cheap hip hop jewelry, then finalize your required length and width along with the color of the chain (or pendant or ring or watch) and the stones that you want to come with it, and finally your frequency of wearing it.

Once you determine the targeted levels for all these criteria, finding the right piece of ornament becomes a no brainer.

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