Best Senso Bluetooth Headphones 2021

Senso Bluetooth headphones are best for hands free use. You can easily walk, travel or do your daily activities while enjoying your favorite tracks. During driving, this kit is super helpful in picking only the urgent calls without losing control over the steering wheel. Check out our review section for Best Senso Bluetooth Headphones.

And since these headphones are powered by Bluetooth, you can easily make calls to your clients while doing other chores and take notes of the most important points when needed.

Wanna collect one of the Senso Bluetooth headphones? Then consider your preferable section(s) first (find detail discussed on the Buying Guide segment). Next, take a look at our reviewed models of Senso and judge their criteria accordingly. Finally, pick any of them that suits your requirements most.

Editor’s Choice 2 Best Senso Bluetooth Headphones Listed

1. Best Wireless Sports Earphones

The Senso activbuds s-250 is the best Bluetooth headphone in this budget. Its ergonomics are literally one of the finest in this category and no adjustment is required for it to set on ears of any size. We doubt you may not like other Bluetooth headphones after using this one. You will get sooo addicting to its sound quality also.

If you are a bass guy and like high bass with a moderate treble than it is perfect for you. The bass outcome from both sides is incredible with high clarity on the vocal tone also. There is almost no hearable distortion of sound and especially bass at least by my ears. Highly recommended for the bass lovers and sound freaks. 

There are headphones of other brands that provide decent bass but loses clarity in the vocals which are not present here on this Senso Bluetooth model. Crisp sound and high bass will really impress you and you can recommend it to most of the friends who are looking for a high quality sound experience at a very reasonable price. 

Now comes to the durability point where it shines the most. The long cables and flexible silicon material ensures high durability and utmost comfort in the ears. They fit so nicely on your ears that even sometime you will forget that you are wearing anything on your ears. Wires are also nice to last forever. 

There is some sort of water resistance going on there because it doesn’t get affected even on your sweatiest situations also. If you go to the gym almost after every other day of the week and continue your gym sessions without putting off the headphone. And guess what, they are sweat proof and the music quality doesn’t seem to be considered at all.  

There is one more thing in the package that you will like even more than its durability. That is its compatibility and ease of use. Connecting with an android device is faster than any other Bluetooth device. The phone easily recognizes the headphone and less effort is needed for this device to get connected and start entertaining you.

From over a range of 30 feet, you can listen to your music and not get disconnected from your phone. The battery life of Senso Bluetooth headphones is incredible in one word. You will get around 9 hours of playback time with a charge of 1.5 hours which is nicer compared to other Bluetooth headphones. 

Moreover, its passive noise reduction technology will reduce the sound of the outer environment massively that will create an immersive experience for you also. Absolutely there is no competition here. 

  • Longer battery life (up to 8 hours)
  • Hands free calling
  • IPX7 waterproof/ sweat proof protection
  • Easy to control
  • Durable design
  • Passive noise cancellation
  • A few complaints are recorded against less battery life
  • Bass may not be up to the mark

2. Best Sports Earphones w/Mic IPX7 Waterproof

On a budget but can’t compromise with quality? Consider the SENSO ActivBuds S-255! It’s the cheapest headphone with high configuration. You can enjoy the stereo sound with high definition. Enjoying music on it while walking on the street even on a rainy day seems like a dream, kudos to its waterproof feature!

The transmission distance is up to 30 ft and the connecting system is easy to press and hold the power button. It has Bluetooth, 3 sets of silicone ear tips, carrying case, cable management clip and so on.

The battery remains charged up to eight hours. So you can have it while traveling or hiking while it takes one to two hours to charge. Another important thing is that you can easily clean, wash the earbuds. It is such a sophisticated headphone that has a built in microphone and it has hands free calling and control system with noise reduction technology.

So, if you have a low budget but want to get a high tech Bluetooth wireless sports headphone for regular use. Overall, the SENSO S-255 is highly recommended!

  • Adjustable ear hooks
  • IPX7 rated
  • Charging takes only 1-2 hours
  • Transmission distance is up to 30 ft
  • The package includes a carrying case
  • Backed by a 1 year warranty
  • Comes with 30 days no questions asked return policy
  • Terrible sound quality

Buying Guide For Best Senso Bluetooth Headphones

Sound Quality

The main debate of headphones is their sound or audio quality. We have found in many expensive headphones that they promise for HD sound quality but when they get performed it lacks their promise on the other aspect we have found Senso Bluetooth as the best cheap headphones.

They may compromise on their material quality, but they assign great HD sound quality at the best cheap price with other good features as their competitors.

Charging Time

The time of charging is an important aspect if you use the headphones all day. We know that everyone wants their headphones to get charged fully in a quick time. But most Bluetooth headphones take more than 1 hour to get fully charged for a long day run. So you should consider your usage of charging time while plugging them in your ears.


You should test the headphones by wearing them before buying knowing if they can stay in your ear for the long run or not. Even if it creates a little itchiness in your ear just remove them or boycott them before buying.


A microphone is another need after sound in a headphone set. You often get calls or you need to attend calls urgently while doing any work so keep a check while buying a headset that if its microphone is reliable to provide crystal clear sound or create distortion while switched on as per Bluetooth connectivity.


Some of the headphones can only be connected to android devices while some headphones are only compatible with iPhone devices.

So, before purchasing any Bluetooth headphones check the connection if it applies to your device or not because it may cause a problem without knowing the compatibility of Bluetooth headphones.

So when you want to buy headphones please take a look at the above quality then hopefully you can buy Best Senso Bluetooth Headphones.

To sum Up

Now, you literally know what a hundred percent Bluetooth headphone means. And since Senso is offering it optimum level from look to bass quality to price, going for any of their models would be worth investing. 

Just don’t forget to ask questions like – Will its battery last as long as you may need? Is its design cool and matches your taste? Is the framework strong enough to serve you for the next couple of years, if not decades? And finally, how is its price? Does it agree to your wallet?

And once you find any of the best Senso Bluetooth Headphones offering most of your specs you’re looking for, you are good to invest on it! 

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