8 Best Screwdriver Set in 2021 [Review & Buying Guide]

Screwdrivers are one of those common tools that almost every house has its own. In case, you fall into those minorities who don’t have a screwdriver in their toolbox, we bet you can’t say you’re not familiar with this name. No doubt, you also know about in how many ways a screwdriver can benefit us during different sort of woodwork or repairing tasks. Chances are, you already have a screwdriver set but you misplaced one or two of its units and now looking to own another better option for some pending project.

Whatever the reason is – this guide will help you throughout the whole process of selecting the best budget screwdriver set. You can also evaluate them by reading the buyers guide. Not to mention, the FAQ section is the real icing on the cake.

Here is the list of 8 Best Screwdriver Set

1. Craftsman 9-31794 Slotted Phillips Screwdriver Set

For tightening screws on various locations, from the shallow hole to hard to reach spots, the Craftsman 9-31794 can be the most reliable screwdriver set you’ll ever need.

This affordable model is in fact made keeping the rough usage in mind. Users who entertain themselves by using the screwdriver’s butt as a hammer will also adore it for its top notch durability.

This USA product owns a matchless grip. Though it carries no fancy features, the peace of mind is we find nothing to complain about its variety as well.

It means you can use the set for dealing with any sized screw. And finally, this Craftsman set comes with a lifetime warranty which promises to serve unrelentingly for years.


  • Made in USA
  • Well built
  • Multiple Sizes
  • Easy to handle
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Few users received broken tools
  • Misleading info about the producing country

2. Stanley 62-511 9-Way Screwdriver

Tired of carrying a bunch of kits while visiting your customers’ garage or house for repairing purpose? Thanks to Stanley, they have come up with versatile Screwdriver set containing 8 different types of drivers namely Phillips bars, slotted bars,  tack lifter, and brad awl.

The single hook driver is the real magic doer here. You can attach any of these bars with the hook driver to work on your target screw.

The magnetic feature is what makes it a loveable kit to most users. You can start tightening or loosening the screws without messing up with the handle.

Needless to say, this much prompt and easy service for such a reasonable price tag is something any mechanic or a DIYer can hardly ignore.


  • Compact in number, efficient in action
  • Multipurpose
  • Comes with storage case
  • Highly portable
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty


  • Single handle makes quick changes challenging
  • Not recommended for greasy work
  • Bulky construction

3. GearWrench 80066 20 Piece

If the previous models haven’t met your requirement, you’ll definitely find the features of this best quality screwdriver bit set convincing. Starting from the ergonomically constructed handle to its non-slip tip, everything about it screams premium.

While its unique tri-lobe dual material handle ensures the perfect balance between endurance and coziness in grip, we feel a shortage of words when it comes to enlisting the benefits of the Speed Zone. More specifically, this particular feature performs actively during your rotating screws that possess lower torque.  

For better access to view and find the right sized drivers, each of the GearWrench drivers own part number and size engraved on its chrome vanadium steel shaft – a feature you may not find in other models.


  • Tri-lobe handle for comfortable grip
  • Slippery free black oxide tip
  • The dual material handle assures better performance
  • Etched part numbers are the real lifesaver
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Way too expensive

4. DEWALT DWHT62513 10 Piece

Who doesn’t love colors? Especially when they are colors with benefits! Coming with the perfectly put bright yellow and black color combination, the DEWALT DWHT62513 have won thousands of users heart.

The benefit? You can differentiate between the types of drivers simply by looking at the thin red or blue strip which is shown on their bottom.

For added service, the handle is made of rubber that feels cozy and prevents accidental sliding from hand during operation. More, the thoughtful design of the quad-lobular handle comes handy in dealing with the highest amount of torque on the tip.

To ensure a long life of the tool, the manufacturers have also used a lacquer coating in the bars which will keep it corrosion free under all circumstances.


  • Skid free grip
  • Can control  max tip torque
  • Resistance to rust
  • Color variation for easy identification
  • Sand blasted tip saves the tool from sudden slip


  • Low quality materials are used

5. Performance Tool W1727 39-Piece

Misplacing a screw bit or two frequently is easy while doing carpentry or tightening some machine’s screws. However, adding the Performance Tool W1727 to your toolkit collection, you can easily cut off the chance of losing any of the screwdrivers, thanks to the organizing rack that comes with the package.

Like the previous best electrician screwdriver sets we enlisted, this one also ensures snug grip which again covered with a slippery proof element.

The tips have a magnetic force that reliably holds them on the handle. The satin finish is just another add on that enhances the value of the products in terms of appearance as well.


  • An all inclusive pack
  • Tips have got snug magnetic fit
  • Comfortable holding
  • Easy to assemble rack is included
  • Satin finish for a lasting impression


  • Some purchasers received defective kits inside the package

6. Screwdriver Set 8 Piece

It’s not easy to get a screwdriver set which is both rust free and feels smooth. Nevertheless, the Klein Tools came up with a set that provides both of these features, while maintaining other positive sides to the fullest.

The set contains eight drivers with tips of different sizes and shapes. More precisely, you’ll find two keystone-tip, two cabinet-tip, and four Phillips-tip screwdrivers inside the package.

True, other models may also come with the same kinds of tips. But what you’ll definitely miss in other brands is the preciseness in tips that Klein Tools effortlessly afford.

Besides, kudos to the internal flanges inside handle that eliminates the possibility of mishaps like sliding the blades out of the screws’ incision and hurting your fingers while twisting the driver.


  • Precise and well fit tips
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Premium chrome coat feels smooth
  • Tip-Ident works promptly in recognizing the screwdriver type
  • Sturdy and immune to twist blade anchor


  • The outer coating peels off after a few days use

7. TEKTON 2841 Everybit

No matter to which direction you need the screws to twist, the TEKTON 2841 will have your back. Constructed with secured non slid rubber handle, all the driver bits are worth every penny. You can solve almost any sort of screw problem with this single purchase.

Be it some reversing issue or if some screw is acting obstinate against turning it forward, each and everything can be sorted with these 105 screwdriver bits and 22 precision bits.

Fitabble at any sized tamper-proof fastener, this TEKTON appliance is a godsent boon to anyone looking to fix their electronic gadgets. Its versatility lies in servicing PC, laptop, cellphones, playstations, spectacles, wristwatches and the least to be mentioned.

Last but most important, to help you cure your MacBook and/ or iPhone, the TEKTON 2841 accompanies pentalobe bits.


  • Nonslip rubber grip
  • All directional ratchet screwdriver
  • Can fit almost every tamper-resistant fastener
  • Versatile


  • Fragile construction

8. Best Choice 9-Piece Precision Screwdriver Set

Not all Screwdriver Set you see out there comes with the guarantee of serving rust freely forever. However, this Screwdriver Set by Best Choice is an exception and ensures long term immunity against all types of wearing, oxidation and corroding effect.

Shafts are made of chrome vanadium steel which gives it the power to withstand difficult situations. Apart from that, the chrome plating finish reinforces its enduring capacity making it the ultimate deal for the bucks.

On to the tips, featuring magnetized tips, this set has made seizing the fasteners a breeze. While other models tire the carpenters by constantly missing the screw indents, this one hurries the process by sitting on the exact slit.

So, screw faster with the Phillips, Flat and Torx Star by EFFICERE.


  • The pack includes a total 9 mini screwdrivers
  • Corrosion and rust proof
  • Chrome plating finish for study performance
  • Swivel end cap helps to put continuous force with a finger
  • Slippery proof rubber handle assures max turning power


  • Poorly built

Buying Guide For Best Screwdriver Set

Now, here’s a list of few points which you need to consider while you’ll be adding any one or two of these best torx screwdriver set into your cart.

Variety of Heads

Having a variety of options is never considered any problem for working, even the presence of different heads in screwdrivers makes the operation smooth. Normal sets may have only flat or Phillips heads for drivers to operate but to make the job done professionally, you may need some other types like Star heads or even hexagons which are now rapidly becoming more used screws for industrial works also.

To make yourself comfortable with the workflow and not being frustrated due to lack of options, you have to make the best possible choice.

Integrated or Separate Handle?

The working situation varies according to the nature of the work. This line is reflected on the drilling and screwing task also where you may need fixed screwdrivers or interchangeable handle. Both of them have their own benefits and limitations. People should make the choice of tools according to their work nature and demand.

The most appreciated advantage of interchangeable handles is to have better carrying ability. You can take as much driver as you can and only have one or two handles for them. Besides, fixed drivers are best for long term reliability and even the task of small hammering can be done by this. Whatever you choose to be sure to keep in mind the work demand and your need for the task.

More Specifications in Handles

Working for a longer period of time needs ergonomically correct tool to use. Choose your screwdriver on the basis of work demand but keep in mind the handles are needed to be good enough for higher work periods.

Hard plastic and roughly made handles are not a good going for work and sometimes these minor things cause hand injuries. Handles with solid rubber grips and ergonomically well built are highly suggested for choosing as your daily tool.

Ease of Accommodation

Sometimes we choose tools according to our work demand but no sooner that, we struggle to keep our tools properly and safely due to the lack of storage. Screwdrivers with their separate carrying box or case are highly suggested to use for everyone.

Those boxes not only provides additional storage compartments but keep all the tools organized. In fact, all the screwdrivers of renowned brands come with their own boxes or carrying storages which really comes handy for the user.

FAQs on Best Screwdriver Set

How do I remove a stripped Torx screw?

Answer: Hexagonal or 6 points Torx, also known as Allen, is the ideal choice to lift the displaced screw. Start at a slower pace, then put force in it to earthward. And gradually keep on going towards unscrewing the shredded screw.

What screwdriver do I need to open a ps4?

Answer: You cannot use a usual Torx bit to open your PS4. Because PS4 comes with Torx Security screws which can only be unscrewed with standard T9 Torx screws.

How can I extract a badly stripped screw using a screwdriver?

Answer: To begin extracting, first of all, increase the power of grip. If you can’t twist it more with the bare hand, use a wrench. That will help you produce more leverage. To eliminate the accidental slippery during the operation, consider attaching an extended rubber band, or a bit of green abrasive from the dishwashing sponge.

For better access, you may consider hammering the screw head in order to fit the driver in exact position. And while rotating the screw, you can hold your palm on the screwdriver’s butt to make it work without failing.

What’s the best solution to deal with screws that are set with a bonding agent?

Answer: In case, the screw you’re working on is set with a bonding agent, it’s necessary to heat the spot so to release the thread. We recommend a propane torch here. However, you’ll have to heat the screws intermittently so that the overall material doesn’t get burnt.

What does VDE stand for on screwdrivers?

Answer: The initial letters of Verband der Elektrotechnik, a German company, is used an indicator of the appliances being safe against any sort of electric issues. FYI, the company itself examines and certifies devices and equipment.

Bringing It All Together

Having the best vde screwdriver set in your collection can help you tighten or loosen screws while completing DIY projects. It also comes handy in knocking out torn screws from the devices. So, collect any of the models we enlisted above. Before that, take a look at the traits we mentioned under the buyers guide segment and try to match as many criteria as possible to see your choice speak for itself.


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