12 Best Rain Poncho in 2021 [Review & Buying Guide]

Weather is inconsistent, and so is our preparation regarding its consequence. Just like the cloudy sky, that starts spreading beautiful sunshine within the blink of an eye, a clear sky can also get us soaked in a minute or a half. Therefore, no matter whether you’re planning to do mountaineering this winter, or going to hike with your buddies, it’s safe to keep a rain poncho in your collection.

We know about a lot of brands who claim that their rain ponchos are capable of doing more than just protecting the wearer from rainfall or snow. In case, you’re also trying to find a versatile rain poncho for a casual outing on a rainy day or a thrilling camping holiday, this article will have your back.

Here you’ll see 17 best rain poncho reviews with a buying guide comprising an in-depth analysis of what factors you need to consider before making a purchase. And before we wrap up, an FAQ section is set covering a few significant queries made by millions of rain poncho users worldwide.

List of The 12 Best Rain Poncho

1. Arcturus Rain Poncho

When it comes to a rain poncho, it’s lightweight and ease of storage are two of the craving needs. And fortunately, the Arcturus Rain Poncho has scored above the average in both scales.

You won’t find any problem covering your head and frontal part of your face during rain, thanks to its extra large hood. For taller people, Arcturus’ extra long height works like a God sent boon.

In terms of durability, this 210T Ripstop Taffeta built unit performs way better than other regular models.

For dealing with water invasion amidst heavy rain, relying on its 2 layered polyurethane coating would be rewarding!


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Compact
  • Plated with 2 layers waterproof polyurethane coat
  • Versatile
  • Great poncho for big guys


  • Can’t keep the water away for even 15 min showers

2. SnugPak Patrol Poncho

Most rain ponchos claim an absolute waterproof travel experience. The SnugPak Patrol Poncho takes it many steps further by incorporating an adjustable hood along with thumb loops.

Suffice to say, this out of the box addition has not only improved its design but doubly boosts its performance.

Take advantage of its justly cut design and use it a Bivvi during an emergency. We also loved its thoughtful construction using Snugpak’s classy Paratex Dry material that is sure to protect the wearer from both rain and snow.

More specifically, the Velcro map pocket with storm flap set on the chest is what makes this rain poncho worth considering.


  • Contains taped seams
  • Completely waterproof
  • Paratex Dry components used
  • Adjustable hood
  • Thumb loops


  • Not recommendable for serious use
  • Too large to be handled, hence less functional

3. LINENLUX Women Rain Jacket

“One size fits all” is what makes the LINENLUX for Adults a thing of joy! Constructed out of 100% Polyester PONGEE, its ultra breathability is maintained by default while saving it from water intrusion.

Marked by a lot of users as the best rain poncho for hiking, this eco friendly item also features long sleeve and pockets.

When drenched, this fabric made (NOT plastic) rain poncho dries in no time. The heat sealed seams have made it cozy to feel and its attached big hooded cap will come handy in keeping your head dry even when the strong weather prevails.


  • Breathable and lighter texture
  • Elastic material for adjusting the hood around your head
  • Eco-friendly
  • Different color options available
  • Matching pouch for easy portability


  • Soaks water, therefore, needs to get it dry again

4. Terra Hiker Rain Poncho

The Terra Hiker is a rain poncho that lives up to its marketing claims. It can be used in multiple ways. More specifically, it’s a cool addition to be carried on hunting or camping.

While climbing mountains, don’t forget to wear this rain poncho so to avoid being drenched during a heavy downpour.

With simple looks, it’s designed keeping the rough and tough situations in mind. Therefore, its endurance is boosted by thickened eyelets.

It, however, doesn’t marginalize the comfort level, of course, the cuffs with snaps on both sides are its pure evidence.


  • Elastic rope on hood margin offers better shelter
  • Travel friendly
  • Compact in size
  • Produced out of 210 T high density polyester fabric
  • Roomy back


  • Leaves the arms open to saturate
  • Its tent like square shape isn’t recommendable as a rain poncho

5. Lingito 20 Rain Ponchos Family Pack

If you’re genuine about making a sensible investment in a lightweight rain poncho breathable, you should certainly check this Lingito product out.

This 100% waterproof and disposable item is way too wide and offers a lot of space to comfortably fit your large backpack.

No doubt, choosing between 5 different colors (white, red, blue, yellow and green) would be a thing of pleasure for young members of your family.

Besides, this one time useable rain poncho is convenient to move with even amidst the story weather without worrying about drenching or flying your equipment away.


  • Weighs lighter than usual
  • Easy to easy in compact space
  • Available in five different colors
  • Thin texture, hence breathable


  • Tears easily

6. Disney Mickey & Minnie Parts Rain Poncho

The Disney Rain Poncho might be a compact item, but it packs a punch. With the measurement of  52 inches width and 40 inches length, it fits people of all ages, sizes, and shapes.

Full of extraordinary charm, this 100% waterproof vinyl made poncho increases the fun in water rides.

In order not to feel uneasy about its plastic like smell, do air out for a few days before you start wearing it on various occasions. Otherwise, it’s a great buy for the money!


  • 2 snap buttons make access straightforward
  • Made of quality material
  • Fully waterproof
  • Aesthetically appealing


  • Strong odor

7. Mudder Portable Raincoat Rain Poncho

Not all the rain ponchos you see out there are reusable. It’s either because of the low quality fabric or takes time to dry and consequently, becomes less sustainable.

However, leaving all the alarming conditions behind Mudder has introduced a durable, lightweight and 100% reusable rain poncho in the industry.

Talking of the material- it’s fabricated out of EVA. Large sleeves and hood with drawstring make movement easier inside. Talking the poncho on and off would take a seconds only, thanks to its press stud!


  • 8 colors available for adult size and 5 for children
  • A wide range of application
  • Soft and extremely waterproof
  • Easy to port


  • Not long lasting

8. Raines by totes Adult Unisex Rain Poncho

Make all your job done even when it’s raining outside, also remaining completely untouched by the water with this Unisex Rain Poncho by Totes. Its spacious size lets you keep your backpack inside the poncho without giving any scope to doubt on its comfort.

Incredibly designed, this rain poncho gives your hands the freedom to do works and doesn’t make life stable. By carrying it everywhere you go, especially in the rainy season, you can save the hour by continuing your work ignoring the weather. Hence, the included mesh carry case is a significant add on.


  • Perfect for traveling with
  • Sturdy material used
  • Not too heavy
  • Comes with a carry case


  • Little bit pricier
  • Misleading product image shared

9. 4ucycling Light Weight

For guys and girls who love to carry a lot of stuff (keys, phone and the like) with them, this lightweight rain poncho by 4ucycling should be an absolute choice.

Kudos to its zipped pockets, they help the wearer to have everything they may require on the spot. Adjustable head opening eliminates possible nuisance regarding its being worn.

The nylon material keeps the temperature of the inside within control and doesn’t produce any sort of dampening feel. Perfect to be your exercise suit in both frosty and rainy weather.


  • Unique design
  • Durable construction
  • Ideal for walking or cycling
  • Soft interior and nylon exterior


  • Sleeves are short

10. Frogg Toggs Ultra-Lite Poncho

We were keeping our eyes peeled for the best rain poncho to keep ourselves dry under the downpour and this Frogg Toggs product is the unquestioned winner! Containing almost all the necessary features, this ultra light rain poncho has won a lot of users’ heart.  

Fabricated from breathable material, this waterproof unit may not add a touch of personality with its adjustable hood, but being a nature lover, you can’t disagree with its recyclable trait.


  • Light and breathable
  • Welded waterproof seams
  • Recyclable
  • Can turn into a reusable bag


  • A few users questioned its durability issue

11. Rain Poncho for Adults (6 Pack)

No more getting irritated by the clingy nature of plastic made rain ponchos! Manufactured out of comparatively thicker material, this unit by Living Better Outdoors poses literally no vexing effect even after getting completely drenched.

Apart from a cozy, dry feel inside the poncho, it also keeps on adding a vibrant look on your appearance.

Cheers to its drawstring hood that secures the wearer’s head from both rain and wind. The elastic sleeve ends work like magic ensuring a proper fit, also permits to doing works with hands.


  • Weighs only 75 grams
  • Made of 50% Thicker Quality Material
  • Assorted colors
  • Disposable for emergency need


  • Not breathable

12. Banana Basics Extra Thick

If you’ve ever felt bad while packing your used (torn) rain poncho in the wastage bag thinking about how those plastic products are going to adversely affect the environs, this recyclable item by Banana Basics will give you a relieving feel. However, ensuring a better eco system is not its primary duty.

It’s committed to perform a lot of other functionalities without sacrificing on basics. For example, sleeve wrists have got bands that obstruct the water from entering inside the poncho.

Also, Banana Basics have made four different colors available, so each of your family members can choose their preferred one.


  • Package includes 12 ponchos
  • Compact size
  • Includes drawstring hoods
  • Travel friendly
  • Comes in 4 different colors (Red, Blue, Yellow and Green)


  • No specific drawback is detected

Buying Guide For Best Rain Poncho

To make your purchase worthy, it’s important to consider a few factors before you spend your hard earned money on a certain rain poncho. Hence, the following points are what you should reflect on to meet your ideal one.


Components used to manufacture a product have lots to do with its performance. You can’t expect high quality performance from something that has cheap ingredients utilized at its core structure. That being said, whenever you’ll be shopping a rain poncho for yourself or someone special, make sure the elements contains in it are meant to serve the purpose of saving your body and other belongings the way you want it.

Below is given the available type of substances used to make the rain ponchos.

PVC – This is the most common material applied to create rain poncho by different brands is PVC. Two prominent reasons behind this practice are – (i) Affordability (ii) Repairable (with duct tape).

PU coated nylon Another inexpensive option is PU coated nylon. It’s made of two layers. The internal side contains waterproof polyurethane whereas the outer surface has nylon which ensures stability. One drawback though – when the temperature of the environs increases, rain ponchos made with PU coated nylon begins to feel moisturized from inside.

Cuben fiber – When you’re seeking to meet the best lightweight rain poncho, go for the one that is built with cuban fiber. Unlike other kinds, it’s not the production of one single type of fiber. Mostly plastic mylar is used while other kinds are also amalgamated in it. And since it comes with a comparatively higher price tag, choose to bring it home only when you’re having no budget issue.

Sil-nylon and sil-poly – On a budget, but don’t want to ignore the fragility issue? Select either polyester or nylon fiber made rain ponchos. The only thing you have to ensure is these fibers need to be soaked in silicone. Then the construction will be highly waterproof and hardwearing.

Breathable Laminates – Completely different from any of the other variations, this one acts both as a waterproof and breathable fabric. Surprisingly, this fabric is built in the form of a sandwich. Layers after layers of necessary components are set in a way that rain ponchos made from this breathable laminates will not only protect you from the water but also help remain vapor free inside. Gore-Tex first came up with this fabrics’ sandwich idea. Now its use is common among other popular brands as well.


Since most of the rain ponchos are tagged as “one size fits all”, you won’t need to spend much time trying it on yourself while purchasing. In case, you’ve seen people wearing them before buy is because they want to see how the shape and color of the rain poncho suit them wholly. However, you may need to consider the size when you’ll be selecting any model for your youngster(s).


A lot of people think money can bring you quality. They are correct in some cases. But when it comes to rain ponchos, it’s not a good idea to cling to expensive items during your search for the best rain poncho.

The prime factor here should be the situation in question. If you’re a regular hiker or camper, going for a pricey model would be worthy. However, for not so frequent visitors amidst the rain water, a less expensive rain poncho would be good enough.

FAQs on Best Rain Poncho

Q. Do they sell rain ponchos at Disney World?

Answer: Yes. But their cost is higher (approximately $9.00) than the rain ponchos available in the market. So, whenever you’ll be visiting Disney World, carrying your own would be an affordable option.

Q. Can I get rain poncho for my dog(s)?

Answer: Sure. Like the human body shaped rain ponchos, a lot of brands have emerged with their particular models for pets. As for durability, you can remain worry free as they are meant to withstand windy conditions. They are easy to fasten with a leash so to keep everything under control.

Q. Is rain poncho for mobility scooter available?

Answer: Of course. Brands like Challenger Mobility has made life easier by producing rain ponchos for scooters. They provide protection for both the rider, scooter and the front tiller as a single piece from both wind and rain.

Their special design is also dedicated to ensuring a safe ride. Therefore, you’ll see a clear vinyl window in front of the scooter’s headlight, front basket, and/or tiller.

Q. Rain Jacket, Rain Poncho, or Umbrella – which one is better?

Answer: Umbrellas are easy to carry, and available in small sizes so you can hide them when not in use. But if you’re someone like me and forget little things (like carrying umbrella before you go out), chances are, you may get soaked on the road while looking for a shop of the umbrella.

Their flimsy construction is another drawback especially when a sudden blow of wind flows at the time of downpour. Umbrellas with vents can be a reliable companion though!

Comparatively sturdier, rain jackets are ready to combat windy weather and can save your entire body from rain drops when coupled with rain pants. However, to make sure you don’t feel suffocated inside, choose a jacket that is made of breathable fabric. Also, for hiking or mountaining purpose, keep the weight as light as possible.

Versatile and reputed for being super lightweight, a rain poncho can be your ideal partner during various outdoor activities. It not only protects the wearer but also takes care of his/ her backpack and other stuff on the go.

Use it as a tent, ground sheet or sunshade and it won’t disappoint you. As an added feature, most of the brands come with a carry bag, meaning that, they are highly travel-friendly.

To Wrap Up

Believing that you can meet all of your required features for the rain poncho in a single model is somewhat ridiculous. Because every other brand you see out there is running the race of producing as good rain ponchos as possible for their users. In other words, the qualities of each item vary from brand to brand.

So, to get your ultimate rain poncho, skim through the best rain poncho reviews we’ve covered above, consider their merits, demerits along with your budget; and only then you can hope to have your purchase worthy.

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