8 Best obd2 Scanner in 2021 [Review & Buying Guide]

Cars are designed to be your partner on your road trips, alone or with loved ones! However, they can be an absolute nuisance when stuck. The worse? You don’t know the ABC of car mechanism, and there’s no human habitation seen within the eyesight limit. And that’s where the best Bluetooth obd2 scanner android comes in handy.

These devices comprise plenty of features to highlight your car issues while suggesting possible solutions through video clips or live chat with professionals. Their versatility may extend up to diagnosing your coolant or oil temperatures.

Turns out, you can’t afford to miss one of the following best professional obd2 scanners (we reviewed below) before you leave the garage. And when it comes to making your purchase worthy, giving a bird’s-eye view over the buyers’ guide and FAQ section would be a rewarding decision. So, let’s dive in –

List of The 8 Best obd2 Scanner

1. Scanner for Android

Being the owner of a vintage car feels more than amazing when you hit the road but feels equally depressing when it stops in the middle of your journey.

Whereas a lot of OBDII scanners may not support you with such ancient conveyance models, this brainchild of BAFX Products will have your back.

It supports anything be it as old as the 1996’s model or some new brand bought in the USA. Besides, gas, diesel or hybrid – nothing matters to it when it comes to fuel types. And thankfully, it will diagnosis your car’s issue while reading and clearing your CEL (Check Engine Light).

In spite of its coming with these jaw-dropping features, this BAFX Products again comes forward with their modest offer of 2 years warranty on manufacturing flaws.


  • The display shows a lot of things together including O2 Sensors, air-fuel ratio, fuel trim & pressure
  • Checks coolant, DPF, and oil temps
  • Gives faster reading than usual
  • Reading and clearing Check Engine Light (CEL) is possible
  • 2 years warranty


  • Using a 3rd party app is a must
  • To access, a Windows or Android device is needed

2. BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool

Unlike other models available out there, this best rated obd2 scanner lets you scan and detect the problem in your stuck vehicle experiencing almost zero learning curve.

Officially licensed and certified to be used on both Android and Apple devices, the Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool by BlueDriver is super easy to operate.

While some may underestimate it due to its affordable price tag, know that, it’s gonna owe you with all top notch qualities that you can think to get only with pricy models.

Take it anywhere you go, thanks to its easy to carry shape and right weight! Get hands-on graph of the live data on your tablet or smartphone, save them for future reference and also enjoy free updating of your app whenever it needs.


  • Reads and clears CEL and enhanced codes
  • Suggests pro level repair report to fix your problem without hiring professionals
  • Comparatively inexpensive
  • Updates are offered for free
  • Compatible with Chrysler, GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and other brands sold in NA


  • Erratic code reader

3. Autel AutoLink AL319 OBD2 Scanner Automotive

Straightforward use and built-in speaker are two of the characteristics that make the Autel AutoLink AL319 OBD2 Scanner so popular.

Ideal for newbies who lack in mechanical knowledge, this Plug and play should be the first choice. But don’t let its inexpensive price fool you – this little OBD II Scanner is made to serve as a pro tool.

Not to mention, there are lots of reasons you would fall for this sturdy automotive diagnostic kit. For example, its support seconds in turning off check engine light, also known as, Malfunction Indicator Light, shows display, freeze frame data and I/M readiness status (emissions).

The scanner also resets the monitors clearing the codes. Also, it can do ignition test allowing you to recover vehicle information such as  CIN, VIN, and CVN and read live PCM data stream.


  • TFT color screen
  • Quick to verify the reasons of the Malfunction Indicator Light
  • Recovers generic, manufacturer specific and pending codes
  • Comes with patented one-click I/M readiness key allowing swift state emissions
  • No batteries or chargers are required


  • Some users claimed the product description to be misleading

4. FIXD OBD-II Active Car Health Monitor & Professional Scan Tool

FIXD OBD-II is a wonderful solution for modern car owners and is compatible with any gas power vehicle from 1996 model. This FIXD product checks almost all the parts of the car and alerts you about any kind of problem with the vehicle.

It accompanies an easy to use app that comes handy in providing scheduled reminders for regular maintenance of your vehicle. Moreover, it features the Check Engine Light diagnosis which makes it very easy to know when your vehicle would be facing any issue.

In other words, it eliminates the hassle of visiting garages every now and then or saves you from experiencing hampered journey in the middle path.

Overall, it is a must have for everyone, especially for people who hardly have any knowledge about curing their stuck vehicles on the way as this unit will help them detect and then solve the issues whatever it may be with their cars before they go out.


  • Auto maintenance alerts can be scheduled
  • A single app can control multiple FIXD devices
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android gadgets
  • Constructed by pro engineers and ASE certified mechanics
  • You’ll get a regular update on new features of the app


  • Doesn’t work with diesel or all electricity driven cars

5. Innova 3100j CanOBD2 Diagnostic Tool

Innova 3100j CanOBD2 might be a compact, but it carries a punch. Its usability isn’t contained to any limited models, rather can testify problems in a wide range of cars – starting from 1996’s models to newer ones. Bit by bit resent methods for these brands are possible, kudos to its oil reset feature!

Without fail, it can read as well as delete SRS and ABS light trouble codes in most of the OBD2 cars. What makes it a trustworthy competitor for the title of the best Bluetooth obd2 scanner, though, is its ability to inspect the performance of your car’s charging method.


  • Freeze frame for displaying engine setting
  • Can read and obliterate ABS and SRS
  • Step by step videos for cost-free repairing
  • Customer Support in both English and Spanish


  • Sticker on the screen never gets fully removed, thus messier display

6. INNOVA 3160 Diagnostic Scan Tool

If the price is of no concern, then INNOVA 3160 is ready to scan your vehicle right out of the box and will continue serving the same way until you finally think of switching to some upgraded model.

Use the unit for examining ABS and SRS codes, for accessing SAE enhanced Live Data, for viewing OBD II Freeze Frame Data, for switching off check engine, ABS and SRS lights etc.

You can promote the unit into USB flash. Take aid of a usual Windows PC to let this feature come into action. Coming with bunches of accessories makes the deal a true win-win!


  • Streams PCM data live
  • Spanish and French Interface available
  • All-in-One patented screen
  • USB for tool Updates
  • Includes soft pouch, manual and OBD2 & USB cables


  • A few users complained about receiving flawed product

7. Autel MaxiCOM MK808 OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic Scan Tool

Looking to have the best handheld OBD2 scanner that’ll allow you to diagnose the whole system at once? Then, this Autel MaxiCOM MK808 OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic Scan Tool is the best choice for you.

This scanner will let your car do better performance whenever you step on the road by its diagnostic features for testing all inner systems.

In addition, no matter which brand or model your vehicle is labeled with, it will be beneficial for you. More specifically, this cutting edge model works on a wide range of vehicles including CHEVROLET, TOYOTA, BMW, ACURA, FORD etc.

It acts as a multifunctional scan tool by fulfilling various other purposes such as oil reset, TPMS and what not! Also, this scanner is attractive in price and user-friendly.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to access
  • Multifunctional scan tool
  • High-speed performance
  • Supports printing diagnostic reports without any wireless


  • Some vehicles need special adaptors for connection

8. KOBRA Wireless OBD2 Car Code Reader Scan Tool

In a world of mechanics, KOBRA Products is a brand that needs very little introduction. While they manufacture a lot of items related to cars and engines, they hardly compromise with the quality.

Following their lineage of providing quality tools, it’s pretty safe to say, the KOBRA Wireless OBD2 Car Code Reader can be a perfect go-to option for anyone either amateur or professional car repairer.

As for the design, it’s very much eye-pleasing at multiple levels. It wouldn’t dishearten you in terms of performance either. Utilizing Wi-Fi connection, you can get all the info in your Android, Apple, and Windows devices also.


  • A lot of free and paid apps are available
  • Supports DashCommand, OBD Fusion, OBD Car Doctor etc
  • covers 3000+ generic code definitions
  • Backed by 1-year money back guarantee


  • No manual comes with the package

Buying Guide For Best OBD2 Scanner

A few things need to consider before you collect an OBD2 Scanner for your vehicle. Here lies the list with important dictation about these specs.


The good thing about having an app connected with your OBD2 scanner is you can keep a constant watch on multiple cars simultaneous. Handling more than one project becomes easier with it. So, try to purchase the one that comes with such app to act responsive and professional towards all the cars and their happenings.

Versatility in reading

When you’re investing on an OBD2 scanner, you will never want to sacrifice on its varieties regarding its capacity of reading. Through this single purchase, you can do all types of scanning to find out the exact problem lurking in your car/ engine.

However, there are some low budget models which come with limited functionality, and therefore, scan only a few systems. So, in order to eliminate such chances of bringing less featured kit at home, check on the specifications list to ensure all your required readings are possible with your selected scanner or not.

Data Storage

When an issue is detected in your car through the OBD2 scanner and you solve it, it’s confirmed that you wouldn’t want to face the face problem again in life, or if the same issue arises again, you might want to give a look on why and how much your vehicle suffered last time. And that’s where data storage feature comes handy.

You can keep track of previous readings to verify the updated or current condition of your motorcar. Not to mention, for professional car mechanics, this feature will seem like a boon by allowing them to record all the info from multiple vehicles to future follow up.


OBD2 scanners are meant to help you detect problems in your transportation on the go. So, carrying it with you everywhere is a must. Therefore it’s recommended to choose the model that is smaller in size and designed to be ease on gripping.

FAQs on Best OBD2 Scanner

What problems can OBD2 Scanner Detect?

Answer: An OBD2 Scanner can reliably define and read trouble codes allowing you to figure out problems in your conveyance. More precisely, it saves the system from activating check engine light, and harmonize the execution of the whole process.

How do I read OBD codes?

Answer: Find the 16-pin OBD2 diagnostic connector that is normally positioned under the dash, more specifically, close to the steering column. Then plug the code reader aka scanning device with it. Consequently, it will let you see the code(s) which is responsible for activating the Check Engine Light. However, use a decent scan tool to read codes.

How do I connect the OBD2 Scanner to my iPhone?

Answer: First of all, connect the scanner into your vehicle’s OBD2 port, and switch on the ignition. Secondly, go to “Wi-Fi” inside the option “Settings” on your mobile/ iPad and launch the OBD App. Third, find the Apps Settings option and configure it to access the WIFI menu. That’s it! Your OBD App is now favorably connected to your transport.

How do I clear obd2 codes using a code scanner?

Answer: To clear obd2 codes using a code scanner, follow the steps serially-

Step I: Reach out for the OBD II diagnostic connector located under your steering column.

Step II: Activate the ignition

Step III: Observe the error codes in the engine by pressing the “Read” key

Step IV: Push the “Erase” key on your scanner.

And you’re done with your clearing the error code.

Bringing It All Together

While an OBD2 Scanner saves you in the middle of your trip by suggesting how to deal with the stuck vehicle, you can choose to use it at home as well to check your car’s condition before you decide to go out with it.

Every time! This practice will not only save your time but also helps you save your bucks from hiring expensive professional mechanics. And as you’ve noticed, most of the OBD II Scanners come with an app to remain connected with your mobile devices, so you can aware of your entire machine’s inner happenings.

In order to ensure a longer lifespan of your loved car, choose the model that matches most of your preferred criteria, and enjoy an obstacle-free journey ahead!

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