Best Money Clip [Picks 2020]

So, if you are in need of the best money clip wallet, we recommend you to take a look at the following list along with the buying guide and FAQ segment to educate yourself better about the product before collecting one or two of these.

Money Clip is a smart substitute for a basic wallet. This elegant piece of leather with a stylish look and sound quality is designed to hold cards in the pocket. It can store a good quantity of money along with cards as well. It is the cleverest design of the wallet that is quite slim and handy to stay in the front pocket. It is really essential to carry all essential cards for your daily transactions indeed.

After researching and testing several cards, we have found the top 20 money clips that are typically best to carry daily. While preparing the list, we try to keep in mind users’ different styles and personal tastes and needs as well. All these money clips take less space to store anywhere.

Product Reviews

1. Alpine Swiss RFID Harper Money Clip Front Pocket Wallet For Men

Alpine Swiss RFID Harper Money Clip Front Pocket Wallet For Men Gray

Alpine Swiss money clip is one of the good looking genuine leather made wallets which comes at a reasonable price. Comparing its quality and design, this is overall an excellent option to carry your cards and money indeed.

This is a compact, as well as a convenient money clip. It can be used as a replacement for your thick wallet yet. This slim money clip measures 4″ x 2 7/8″ x 3/8″. Also, it offers a variety of skin colors and a magnetic money clip for folded cash. This is a well-crafted wallet with magnet closure.

The skin of this money clip features quality leather, which feels buttery soft yet. However, this slim money clip also comes with 3- card slots and an ID window with thumb cut out. Though featuring buttery smooth skin, this rugged money clip also lasts for a long as well. In short, this excellent money clip is a convenient wallet to match your style very well.


  • Made of genuine leather
  • It features magnet closure
  • It features 3 card slots
  • Compact and durable
  • Comes at a reasonable price


  • Some people find it as a little bit larger

2. Secure Slim Carbon Fiber Money Clip Wallet

Secure Slim Carbon Fiber Money Clip Wallet RFID EDC Front Pocket Card Holder

This wallet will fulfill all your demands which you look for in a wallet. It is well constructed for traveling and carrying around. Secure Slim gives great storage to contain more than 15 bills or cash, which is an excellent deal for such a slim wallet. Sometimes it might get tough to pull out the card one by one.

If we talk about the design, it is a stylish wallet made with carbon fiber, which minimizes the weight. This money clip is on the durable side. This wallet is a perfect fit for the inner pocket, that makes it safer to roam around, and it does not slip out. This wallet is very affordable and provides the best for daily use and also for gift purposes.


  • Well constructed 
  • It has superior quality material
  • Great for daily uses and gift purposes 
  • Slim designed yet has excellent storage capability


  • Cards can be hard to pull out at once

3. M-Clip Money Clip Solid Black Aluminum Money Clip

M-Clip Money Clip Solid Black Aluminum Money Clip

This money clip is none magnetic and durable. Sometimes there is a chance to slip out of your hand while transacting business. We often want something cool to use for our daily use, and this money clip seems to be one. People seek affordable money clip, but this money clip can be worth the money.

If you have decided to switch from a bulky, heavy wallet to a compact size and simple clip, then this is it. In addition, the Aluminum Money Clip is well built, and it’s fashionable. You can easily use it for both cash and card. It might be on the expensive side, but the more you spend, the more you will feel its good quality.


  • Handmade
  • It is fashionable and durable 
  • Anodised, aluminum, stainless steel
  • High quality


  • Expensive

4. Gerber GDC Money Clip w/ Built-in Fixed Blade Knife [31-002521]

Gerber GDC Money Clip w/ Built-in Fixed Blade Knife [31-002521]

Gerber’s money clip can be an excellent addition to your daily uses. This money clip comes with a 1.75-inch fine edge stainless blade for discreet access. You can wear them in your front pocket. It can hold up to five essential cards. easy to carry around, this Gerber GDC  product is a rustproof material and titanium coated steel body.

The downside? This sharp blade might scratch off some cards, and it is so compact that you cannot put unnecessary stuff.


  • It has titanium coated steel 
  • This money clip blade is rustproof 
  • Compact size to carry around 


  • It doesn’t have much storage for daily use
  • The blade can stretch stuff inside

5. KORE Men’s Slim Wallet + Carbon Fiber Money Clip [RFID Block]

KORE Men's Slim Wallet + Carbon Fiber Money Clip [RFID Block]

This money clip is not just best at durability; also, it is sleek and stylish at the same time. The wallet has grain leather and craftsmanship. This wallet is at top-notch. It has more room for your essential things as they promised. For fast access, it has a perfect place to place your id card.

When it comes to the safety of your money, in cards, and other essential things, the money clip does its best to keep a hold on to your personal belongings. This wallet will hold its quality for pockets, gear bags, even for the clip to the top of a car visor. There are no issues of falling out of money or cards and been damaged. It can be the best gift for someone as for its looks and quality. There will be a great satisfaction after using it.


  • It has great durability 
  • This money clip is stylish 
  • It has quick access to id cards
  • It is suitable for any situation 
  • Smooth full-grain leather 


  • It has only one color option

6. Le’aokuu Genuine Leather Magnet Money Clip

Le'aokuu Genuine Leather Magnetic Front Pocket Money Clip Slim Wallet Card Case (Coffee 3)

This is the perfect time to put all your credit cards, bills, and money altogether in a single wallet. Genuine leather magnet money clip credit card case holder is such a wallet that provides 6 each slot for your credit card and money. This magnetic money holder case is a smart choice for trendy people who love a slim and thin wallet that easily fit with their pocket.

The Le’aokuu Genuine can hold 4 cards and a small amount of money. Thanks to its square-shaped window inside where you can keep your ID card safe and secured. The smell of it will make you believe that it’s a genuine leather bag. It has a pretty good magnetic clip to place your wallet in the exact place.

Note that, the magnet doesn’t affect the card anymore. Colors are available in the stock. You will get this imported wallet with a great wrapping packet. So, don’t delay, buy a bag right away.


  • Slim and thin structure
  • Easy to get scratched
  • Contains a strong magnet
  • plenty room for cash and credit cards 


  • Foul odor

7. HOJ Co. Deacon ID BIFOLD Front Pocket Wallet-Full Grain Leather-Bifold Money Clip Wallet

HOJ Co. DEACON ID BIFOLD Front Pocket Wallet-Full Grain Leather-Bifold Money Clip Wallet (Brown Smooth)

If you don’t feel comfortable putting a bag in your back pocket, check out this HOJ Co. Deacon Front Pocket Wallet. This Full Grain Leather Wallet, that is absolutely fit for your front pocket. This 4”x3” inches wallet has one exterior ID card window, 1 exterior card slot, 6 interior card slots including left and right receipt and a single antique silver money clip with clamp closure that securely holds bills or cash.

This ID BIFOLD best money clip wallet is the first choice for the guy who likes to carry only the essentials. The slim bifold money clip wallets offer traditional bifold functionality without excess bulk. Don’t use the money clip for your credit card. There are a good amount of slots that are placed for credit cards.

Black smooth, brown smooth and brown natural grain colors wallet are available. Full grain leather bifurcated wallet bags will deliver to you a signature packaging gift box and a beautiful bag from our brand, after placing an order.


  • Utmost wearability & comfort
  • Traditional bifold functionality with zero bulky formation
  • Unique design with grain variance & color shading
  • Arrives wrapped in a special gift box by House of Jack Co.


  • Flimsy construction

8. Money Clip, Front Pocket Wallet, Leather RFID Blocking Strong Magnet thin Wallet

Mens Money Clip, Crazy Horse Slim Wallet with RFID Blocking and Strong Magnet


Style your front side pocket with the exclusive Front Pocket Wallet. This thin Leather Wallet is not visible when you carry in your pocket but will surely reveal your inner personality when you use it in front of everyone. This ultra slim Strong Magnet front pocket wallet has one year replacement warranty.

Besides, this RFID Blocking comes with 5 important cards holding capacity all at once. Where normal wallet holds 2 magnets, this thin wallet holds 4 strong magnets in one powerful magnetic clip. The magnetic clip is placed for holding medium cash amounts or bills. It is quite good to stay the cards away from this magnetic clip.

It’s 100 percent genuine cowhide leather offers full grain leather, crazy horse leather, waxed leather, vegetable tanned leather, cork fabric and carbon fiber customized wallet. This high quality pocket wallet is quite soft and comfortable to use for all aged man. Excellent gift box packaging solution makes the wallet more beautiful for the receivers.


  • Slim & minimalist construction
  • Very easy to take the card in and out
  • Can be a perfect gift item 
  • 1 year product replacement guarantee


  • Clip magnet may erase credit cards

9. Timberland Men’s Minimalist Front Pocket Slim Money Clip Wallet

Timberland Men's Minimalist Front Pocket Slim Money Clip Wallet, Dark Brown, One Size

Add an extra fashion in regular life with Men’s Money Clip Wallet. This minimalist Front Pocket SlimBlack has been simplified with these three awesome colors dark brown and light brown leather wallet. It is made of pure Italian leather. It has 4 card holders slot, 1 ID card window and a single money clip.

Soft texture and high quality make the wallet more attractive and in every touch, you can feel the softness. This minimalist wallet is not overweighted. It is 4” x 2.75” slim, thin, prefer for front pocket especially. It has no magnetic clip inside. Men can use the clip area to keep the pocket money or almost 15 – 20 bills in one clip.

Additionally, you can gift this simple and workable wallet to your father, grandfather, friends, and even to your son who is going to use the wallet! The men’s minimalist wallet is very convenient for regular use. So, your male friends and relatives can easily get attached to it.


  • 100% Leather
  • Compact, sleek and sophisticated design
  • Available in a variety of shapes, colors & materials
  • Fits any lifestyle 


  • Not durable

10. ALASKA BEAR – Classic Cash Money Clip Credit Card Holder

ALASKA BEAR - Classic Silver Cash Money Clip Credit Card Holder

Kill this Christmas with the luxurious Credit Card Holder and jealous your friends by styling with this amazing Classic Cash Money Clip. The card holder wallet is totally different from other wallets because of its premium stainless steel customized design. Its smooth finishing and dashing looks will increase the men’s personality higher from the expectations. This is neither bulky nor contains any extra room inside.

This smart wallet is a modern alternative to boredom money bags. One can hold 3- 4 cards, 5-10 folded bills and a small number of dollars individually. You can hold a single bill also without worrying about the bills falling out.

This amazing wallet can be a fantastic gift for birthday, official events, anniversary, graduation ceremony, bachelor party, wedding, father’s day, Christmas or to break your boyfriend’s anger. Gift yourself first! Impress your girlfriend by giving the coffee bill at the time of your couple dating.


  • A modern alternative to a regular massive wallet
  • Ideal for gifting someone special 
  • Smooth finish with an aristocratic look
  • Minimalist design 
  • Can hold 3 to 5 cards


  • May lose the grip of things
  • Easily bend the card out of shape

11. Viosi Genuine Kingston Leather Magnetic Front Pocket Money Clip

Viosi Genuine Kingston Leather Magnetic Front Pocket Money Clip Made with Powerful RARE EARTH Magnets (Hunter)

Everyone who earns money wants to keep their money in a safe place while traveling. Though the amount is not that much, it is very precious to its owner. Viosi brings to you the safety of your hard time earnings. Made with rare earth magnet, it works very strongly to hold your money.

Though rare earth magnets also known as permanent magnets were developed in the ’70s, it requires all the needed characteristics the present need. Its fine stitching makes its grip two times stronger. Being 4”x 3”, it has the capability of fitting in the front pocket without any disturbance.

Its classy gorgeous look has 3 card slots, 2 larger slots, and an ID. holder. Day by day space increases itself as it is made of leather. The company offers a guarantee of a replacement of 1 year. And the customers do buy this product to taste the ability of rare earth magnets and the majority of them really loved the products. 


  • Though it seems small in size, day by day it increases its capacity
  • Very strong stitches
  • Classy and gorgeous look
  • Long lasting


  • Quickly falls apart
  • Poor materials are used
  • Bad finishing

How To Adjust Your Credit Cards & Bills Using Your Money Clip

Buying Guide for Best Money Clip

If you need to bring only essentials with you, then don’t choose any bulky wallet. Choose something sleek and slim outfit that increase your personality. Hold the impression and style with money clip wallet is the first choice for today’s gentleman. Want to try one? Wait! Before buying, consider a few things well, so that after purchase you have full satisfaction.

Size: Before buying the best money clip, the first and foremost task is to consider its structure. Select the composition of the bag based on where you originally want to be replaced. The size of the money clip is generally small. So, it will easily fit in your trousers’ front pocket or jeans back pocket equally.

Material: Material is another important factor that you must consider when purchasing a money clip. Even though leather is in high demand, you can also try other available options like cotton, polyester, canvas, metal, carbon fiber or resin. They all have their personal pros and cons, choose which is best for you.

Money clip: Check the clips mechanism by opening and closing it a few times. The clip should open very easily and the most important thing is that the handle is tight enough when you click it again in its actual position. Also, check if the clip is fixed or removable. Choose as much as possible non-removable clips that feel safer.

Compartment: If you are habituated to carry a lot of money including credit cards and bills, look for multiple compartments money clips. By keeping things in different rooms, you can not only create order but protect your credit card from the loss of a credit card strip. Some wallets offer a SIM card and memory card slot. You will definitely see what features you need.

Investment: How much money you can spend on buying a money clip? If you need to use it for a long time, then invest a decent amount of money to get a high quality wallet. Cheap wallets are also available in the market. Deal with the wallet by balancing your budget.

Style: Money clips are different from wallets and come in a variety of designs. If you are looking for a money clip that is stylish enough to enhance your image, then there are several expensive money clips available in the market. Whereas, if you simply need a money clip just because of organizing your stuff and preventing the loss, there so many money clips available in the market to own your need.

Usage: There are some magnetic money clips available in the market. Though magnetic money clips offer protection from falling or getting bills lost, it can cause damage to your banking cards. 

So if you need a money clip for carrying your credit card, then it is well to choose a non-magnetic money clip wallet. Whereas you want to carry your bills, then a magnetic money clip will add an extra level of security to your bills. 

It is advisable to carefully examine your dream wallet and make sure it can contain everything that is inserted. Buy the money clip wallet only after considering everything and being 100% sure about it.


1. Which money clips are most safe?

Answer: Magnetic money clips are most safe yet. Because magnetic money clips feature a metal piece and a magnet that is placed on the opposite sides of the clip to attract between cash and bills and provides protection against falling indeed.

2. Which money clips are best for credit cards?

Answer: Non-magnetic money clip wallets are best for banking cards. Magnetics money clips can cause damage to our credit cards, so it is best to use non-magnetic money clips for holding credit cards.

3. What are the most common uses of a money clip?

Answer: This latest version of the wallet can accommodate cash, business cards, and banking cards, as well. You can even carry your bills in it. They can be used as a regular companion to carry your cash and cards indeed.

Final Verdict

Men naturally put higher values to their valuable belongings such as banking cards and wallets. Therefore, a money clip wallet is such a handy and stylish thing that can organize our belongings to avoid unnecessary mess. This is a small and mundane wallet which is the best to accompany you on your regular day. And this the reason why self-organized persons like this catchy fashion accessory to carry their small belongings within it. 

However, these convenience accessories offer quick and accurate access to your cards and money without struggling to pull out of it. Again, if you are a style-conscious, you will find happiness with these money clips as well. So, if you are facing issues to keep your bills and cards in your pocket, it will be better to give a try to this modern version of the wallet indeed. Without further ado, get yourself a convenient as well as stylish money clip wallet to bring your cards and money in a better-organized way. 

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