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10 Best Korean Rice Cooker In 2023 [Buying Guide & Reviews]

Cooking rice is always an irritating task. But cooking rice is fun with the best Korean rice cookers. All Korean rice cookers are not fast and durable. So, finding the best rice cooker is a tough task.

Recently, we researched the best Korean rice cookers, and finally, we picked 10 best products. Today, I will share my list with you. So, keep reading to get the best product.

List of The 10 Best Korean Rice Cooker

1. Cuckoo CR-0655F Rice Cooker & Warmer

Cuckoo CR-0655F Rice Cooker & Warmer

Presenting the first rice cooker from our list from the Cuckoo brand. It is an electric rice cooker on which you can cook 6 cups of rice. You can cook any kind of rice in this rice cooker from white to brown or Gaba rice. This cooker is made in China.

You can not compare this cooker’s smart algorithm system of cooking to any other brand. The inner pot of this rice cooker is non-stick so no chance to burn the rice. You can cook your rice in 8 different ways with this rice cooker and it tastes delicious.

  • Baby foods can be cooked with this cooker. Auto-steam cleaning process. 4 different modes can make 16 different tasted rice. Detachable cover is available. Includes an instruction manual.
  • Only available in white and red colors.



2. Cuckoo CR-0631F Multifunctional Micron Rice Cooker

Cuckoo CR-0631F Multifunctional Micron Rice Cooker

This is a cute looking and premium quality rice cooker from the Cuckoo. It has the fastest and smartest logic to cook foods. With a clear LCD display, it has 10 options to cook your rice deliciously.

The smart system can detect rice type, temperature, and cooking time. You can set the timer of cooking before, so it will end in time, and keep warm mode will be on automatically. This is a super safe rice cooker to use. This product is made in Korea.

  • Can cook 6 people’s food at once. Re-heat system is available. Keeps rice warm and moist just like you want. One-touch cover lid helps more. Very easy to clean.
  • It doesn’t have any handle.



3. Cuckoo CMC-QSB501, Q5 Premium Rice Cooker

Cuckoo CMC-QSB501, Q5 Premium Rice Cooker

Now introducing a stylish stainless steel rice cooker from the Cuckoo. The color of this cooker is stunning and it is golden and white color. The inner pot has a non-sticking coating, so don’t worry about burned rice.

With 8 smart algorithms, you can get various kinds of food taste. You can cook rice, meat, soup, vegetables, fry or porridge. The main feature of this cooker is, it has a smart voice guide. It is available in many different languages. You can cook 10 cups of rice at once in this Korean made cooker.

  • 14 safety systems. Auto-steam cleaning process. Multi-cooker system. Smart heating technology. Keeps the taste of food for a long time.
  • Quite expensive.



4. Cuckoo CRP-FA0610FR Multifunctional Rice Cooker

Cuckoo CRP-FA0610FR Multifunctional Rice Cooker

Another fantastic Korean rice cooker from the Cuckoo. This brand is researching the best design and features of rice cookers. So, you can rely blindly on these rice cookers. This is a rice cooker where you can cook 6 cups of rice at once.

Any types of rice like Gaba, brown, white, or more can be cooked here. This cooker has 12 different safety systems to help your cooking. You can cook anything like meat, fish, soup, or delicious sushi. It maintains your rice taste. You can pre-set the time when you are busy.

  • Lid-locking system. Automatically on keep warm mode. Has a clear LCD display. No worry about burned rice. Very lightweight.
  • No automatic voice system.



5. Cuckoo CRP-P0609S Electric Rice Cooker

Cuckoo CRP-P0609S Electric Rice Cooker

In my opinion, this is a gorgeous looking rice cooker with all facilities. This black colored rice cooker is also from the Cuckoo. With this cooker, you can cook 6 cups of rice once. The inner pit is made of Aluminum and non-stick coated.

By pressing just one button, you can enjoy freshly and deliciously cooked Gaba rice. This cooker has a facility to cook several things like soup, meat, Sushi rice, or bread. It has a smart voice navigation system with 3 different languages(Korean, English, and Chinese).

  • 12 safety features for safe and easy cooking. Soft steam release system while cooking. Can cook jasmine or white rice too. Double layered rubber lid to prevent leakage. Multi-cooking system.
  • A little heavy to carry.



6. Cuckoo CRP-P1009SB Electric Pressure Cooker

Cuckoo CRP-P1009SB Electric Pressure Cooker

This black colored outstanding featured rice cooker is from Cuckoo. You can cook 10 cups of rice at once in this. White, brown, mixed, or Gaba any kind of rice can be cooked in this cooker.

The inner lid is made of stainless steel which absorbs heat very well and very easy to clean. The inner pot is made of Aluminum which has a non-stick coating. You can bake bread or make cheese or yogurt in this cooker too. It has 3 different languages of voice navigation system.

  • Auto-steam cleaning system. Amazing safety features. Lightweight to carry. Very easy to clean. Smart cooking algorithm.
  • No handle to carry.



7. Cuckoo CR-0361F Electric Heating Rice Cooker

Cuckoo CR-0361F Electric Heating Rice Cooker

This little rose-colored rice cooker is very classic and beautiful. This smart featured rice cooker is from the Cuckoo brand. With the modern system of this rice cooker, you will experience new feelings of cooking.

You can cook 3 cups of rice at once here, perfect for single people. The inner pot has a non-stick coating, so no worry about sticky or burned rice. It has two different voice navigation(Korean and English). It is a cheap, basic yet very smart designed rice cooker.

  • Quite cheap. Enough lightweight. Very fast cooking with fantastic taste. Very easy process to use. Can cook Gaba rice or brown rice.
  • You can’t steam vegetables in this cooker.



8. Cuckoo CRP-P1009SW 10 Cup Electric Heating Pressure Cooker & Warmer

Cuckoo CRP-P1009SW 10 Cup Electric Heating Pressure Cooker & Warmer

This programmable rice cooker is from the famous brand Cuckoo. The cooker has the capability of uncooked 10 cups. So, you can easily cook food for 8-10 adult people.

The rice cooker comes with a durable design.  The inner pot is made of aluminum and comes with an X-wall diamond-coated design. There is also a detachable inner lid available that helps in cleaning. Finally, the 3 voice navigation system helps a lot in cooking.

  • Voice assistant is available. 3 different language (English, Korean, and Chinese) Display the necessary info. Enough capacity for cooking. 12 built-in programs are available.
  • Doesn’t work on 220V.



9. Cuckoo CR-0331 Rice Cooker

Cuckoo CR-0331 Rice Cooker

If you want a small size electric rice cooker then this product is perfect for you. The dimension of the product is 10L x 10W x 9H inches. It has the capacity of 3 cups (1.5 liters) there is a cook and warm light available. When the rice is cooked you will get a signal through the light.

The inner pot is made of nonstick coating. It compatible with AC 120V / 60, if you want to cook only rice then this one will be the best in a small size.

  • Traditional and classic design. Ultra-lightweight rice cooker. Cooking and warm light available. Durable inner pot.
  • Only for cooking rice.



10. Cuckoo CRP-HZ0683FR Multifunctional Rice Cooker

Cuckoo CRP-HZ0683FR Multifunctional Rice Cooker

Cool your rice in the easiest way with the help of this fuzzy logic and intelligent cooking algorithm based rice cooker. The cooker comes with an X-wall design that distributes heat equally. There is also an LED display that shows grain type, temperature, cooking type, etc.

The cooker is compatible with 3 language voice assistant. There is also 1 touch cover lid releasing system. Cleaning the cooker is also very easy and it is a multi-functional cooker. So, you must love this Korean Rice cooker cuckoo.

  • Multi-functional cooker. Easy cleaning system. LED display with temperature, time, etc. 3 different language (English, Chinese, and Korean) Equal heat distribution.
  • Can cook rice for more than 5-7 adult people at a time.



Buying Guide For Best Korean Rice Cooker

Here is a quick guide for you.

Size: There are different types of rice cookers of different sizes. Choose one according to the members of your house.

Multi-functional: If you want to cook something more then choose one with different functions.

Voice assistant: It is always better to select one with voice navigation. Check out the language you need.

Easy cleaning system: Make sure you can clean the cooker easily. Better to choose one having a detachable inner lid.

FAQs on Best Korean Rice Cooker

Q: What is the ratio of rice to water in a rice cooker?

A: It’s 1:1

Q: Will the cooker give me a signal when the cooking is done?

A: The modern cookers have a voice navigation system. It will notify you.

Q: It is only for cooking rice?

A: The multi-functional cooker is appropriate for multi-use such as steaming, pressure cooking, boiling, slow cooking, etc.


I have shared the 10 best Korean rice cooker. There are different cookers with different functions. Check out all of them and select one according to your needs. Don’t worry about their quality because all of them have a great reputation.

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