Best Filtered Water Bottle for Tap Water

Best Filtered Water Bottle For Tap Water In 2022

A filtered water bottle is a helpful companion during any journey or camping. But finding the best one is a bit challenging. There are some bottles which don’t have a good filtering system. Again, some are not durable. For, solving this problem, we have researched and picked the 10 best products. So, keep reading to get your top picks.

Recently, I have reviewed best filtered water bottle for traveling abroad. Today, I am here with the topic, best filtered water bottle for tap water.

10 Best Filtered Water Bottle for Tap Water

1. Woder 24-Sur Survival Filtered Water Bottle

Introducing all of you with a high performance filtered water bottle from the Woder brand. The bottle can hold 24oz water at once. You can use this in school, office, gym, sports, hiking, cycling, or any emergency.

The water bottle has ICONIC Adsorption Micron Filtration system which removes 99.99% germs from the water. It filters all harmful chemicals like lead and mercury from water.

The bottle is made of low-density polyethylene and completely BPA free. You can have 575 refills or 100 gallons of pure water. Sometimes you need to change the filter of the bottle and you can use it for a long time.

  • Very easy to use. Can be used for multi-purpose. Fit in a backpack or purse. Removes 99.99% of killer bacteria, viruses, and chemicals.
  • Available in only one color(blue).



2. Embrava Sports Water Bottle

Meet with this stylish gray-colored water bottle from the Embrava brand. This water bottle can hold 32oz water at one time. With all quality facilities, this one can be your regular friend.

This water bottle is completely leak-proof and has a loop to carry it. It has a straw so you can drink very easily. The one-button lid opening system helps to handle the bottle in a single hand.

The bottle is made of high-quality Tritan plastic which is BPA free. The plastic doesn’t put effect on the taste and smell of water. It is a handy water bottle and you can use it anywhere you need.

  • Lightweight and durable. Easy to carry. Four colors are available. Leak and dustproof.
  • It can leak water in overpressure.



3. Epic Escape Glass Filtered Water Bottle

This is an amazing glass filtered water bottle from the Epic brand. This filtered bottle is made in the USA. It can hold 24oz water. This environment-friendly water bottle is very easy to use and far better than any other plastic bottles.

The epic filtration system of this bottle proves that it can purify water from anywhere. The system is checked by American experts. This filtration is a hundred times better than boiled water.

The bottle is made of 100% BPA/BPS-free glass. It removes all the harmful chemicals and germs from the water. After filtering 285 liters water, change the filter. The bottle has an anti-slip grip on its body.

  • One-handed operating system. Dustproof lid. Available in 4 different colors (Blue, Black, Purple, and White). Carrying loop for easy carry..
  • Handle the bottle carefully as it’s made of glass.



4. Lifestraw Universal Water Filtered Bottle

This is the first bottle adapter kit with a two-stage filter from the Lifestraw brand. This bottle is very easy and effective to purify water from any kind of source. This bottle is perfect for any outdoor necessary.

The bottle has two different sized caps to make any plastic water bottle into water filters. This is an amazing feature of this bottle. The filter removes 99.999% germs and viruses from water.

The filters can purify water up to 4000 liters. The bottle is made of plastic and BPA free. The caps are leak-proof.

You can use this bottle from school to hiking.

  • Very easy to use. Lightweight. Two different caps. Vanish 100% germs and parasites from water.
  • Doesn’t have any loop to carry.



5. Invigorated pH ACTIVE Insulated Water Bottle

If you are a big fan of the stainless steel water bottle, then here you go. Presenting a wonderful stainless steel filtered water bottle from Invigorated Living. This water bottle can hold 22oz water.

The filtration system is quite impressive in this bottle. The filter not only kills all the germs but also adds some extra minerals in the water. Vanishing all bad odor and taste, it makes water pure and tasty.

One filter can purify 300 cups or 72 liters of water. You have to change the filter after 1/1.5 months. Plus this bottle is perfect for office, gym, sports, or any other works.

  • Super effective filter. One hand operating system. One filter can purify a huge quantity of water. Keeps water cool for 24+ hours and hot for 12+ hours.
  • Leak water if the bottle gets overpressure.



6. SurviMate Filtered Water Bottle

Welcome this cute looking filtered water bottle from SurviMate. This capacity of this water bottle is 650ml. You can use this water bottle in school, office, gym, hiking, camping, or travel.

The bottle is made of BPA free Tritan plastic. You can purify your water instantly through this water bottle. The 4-stage filtration system ensures 99.99% healthy water.

One filter can purify up to 1500L water. So, the filter needed to be changed 3-4 months. If any natural disaster hits, then you can use this filtered bottle for a very long time.

  • Very lightweight. Easily fit in any backpack or briefcase. Easy sipping straw. Loop to carry the bottle.
  • Keep the bottle away from heat.



7. 20 Ounce Sport Water Bottle with Filter

Presenting you another durable filter water bottle from the renowned brand Brita. The bottle comes with a dimension of 4.35 x 2.88 x 9.76 inches. The bottle is completely BPA free and hygienic. You can easily carry it while traveling, camping, to the school, or anywhere.

The bottle also comes with an easy-sip spout. That makes the bottle more convenient. The bottle can filter up to 40 gallons of water. So, you have to change the filter after 2 months of use.

The most advantageous fact is it can remove odor and chlorine taste. This bottle is dishwasher safe and the cleaning process is very easy. So, this water bottle will be a good choice for you.

  • Filters the odor and other bacteria. Carrying the bottle is hassle-free. No chlorine taste or odor. Comes with a stylish design.
  • You have to change the filter every 2 months.



8. GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier

Here is an award-winning water bottle from GRAYL. The bottle is an effective filter and a necessary companion in your journey. The bottle can filter very fast. It is a 16oz bottle and it purifiers 500ml/160oz water in just 15 seconds.

No more you have to face bad smell. It completely clear odor and improves flavor and clarity. It is a BPA bottle. so there is no chance of having any side effects.

Its filter doesn’t require any chemical, battery, or bulbs. So, you don’t need to cost any additional money. It will eliminate pathogens, protozoan, and bacteria such as hepatitis A, rotavirus, norovirus, E.coil, cholera, salmonella, giardia, etc.

  • Time-saving filter Easy to carry. Eliminate different types of bacteria. No battery, chemical requires The bottle looks attractive.
  • You need to change the filter after 2-3 months (150L/40gallon)



9. Brita Premium Filtering Water Bottle

Here is another effective filter bottle from Brita. The bottle is Pete for traveling. It is made of durable plastic. So there is no chance of leakage. It also comes with a cup holder design. So can easily keep it in your car.

Another great feature is, it can eliminate the chlorine smell and other odors. There is a fixed straw with a filter. The filter can remove almost all types of water bacteria.

The bottle also contains a one-handed push-button lid. Drinking water using this bottle is way much easier. So, get this bottle today and stay safe during any journey.

  • The bottle is designed with a carrying loop. Sturdy plastic. Higher filtering capability. (40 gallons) Fast water purifying system. The product is dishwasher safe.
  • Try to avoid dropping the bottle.



10. Survimate Filtered Water Bottle

This is the last product of our list and it is from Survimate. If you are looking for big size and long-lasting filtering water bottle then this bottle is perfect for you. The bottle is made of food-grade Tritan copolyester. It is a durable and heat resistant material.

The bottle can carry 650 ml of water and can flow 550 ml water per minute. Filtering water is hassle-free. Just fill-up the bottle and it will filter the water automatically.

The dimension of the bottle is 9.4 x 3.1 x 3.1 inches. If you ask for the filter lifespan, then you must be amazed. It can filter up to 1500L. Finally, the convenient help in carrying and sipping. So, don’t wait for more to grab this bottle.

  • Huge filter lifespan. Extremely durable. Stylish design. Filtering accuracy of 0.01 micron. Easily water filtering system.
  • May get the plastic odor for the first 2-3 days.



Buying Guide about the Best Filtered Water Bottle for Tap Water

Here I will discuss a short guide for you. Read this guide and pick the appropriate product for you.

  • Food-grade material: Most of the bottles are made of plastic. Make sure the plastic if safe and durable. Otherwise, the bottle is not safe for you.
  • Filter lifespan: It is also important to check out how long the filter will work. Make sure it can filter at least 30 gallons of water. Otherwise, you have to change it twice in a month.
  • Easy carrying system: We use a water bottle especially while traveling. So, it must come with a convenient design. Make sure, it won’t cause any problem in your journey.
  • Cleaning process: I always recommend a bottle that is dishwasher safe. You must,l checkout the cleaning process and filtering process. If it feels complex then avoid it.

FAQs on Best Filtered Water Bottle for Tap Water

Q: Can I put ice in a water bottle?

A: Yes, you can. But it is not a type of flux. So I am not sure how long it will remain cold. It depends on the bottle.

Q: Is carbon dust from water filter harmful?

A: No, carbon dust is not harmful. But, sometimes, you may get an unpleasant taste from it.

Q: What is the average filter lifespan?

A; It depends on the bottles. Some bottles can filter 30-40 gallons. That means 2-3 months. Again some bottles can filter over 100 gallons of water. That means you can use them year long.


I have finished discussing the topic, best filtered water bottle for tap water. I have picked 10 best products after checking 75+ products. I have discussed them with proper features, advantages, and disadvantages.

I am requesting to check out them again. Check out the features and figure out the perfect one for you. Hopefully, you will be benefitted from this article. Thank you.

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