Top 10 Best Fidget Spinner Review & Buying Guide

Best Fidget Spinner

When it comes to dealing with emotional setbacks, the fidget spinner can be one of the most dependable options to bring solace back to your mind. You’ll see the top 10 best fidget spinner along with in-depth buyers guide. Check them all and choose the one you feel connected with most.

So, let’s dive in –

1. Trianium Fidget Spinner Pro Metal Series

Trianium Fidget Spinner Pro Metal Series [Black] Phone Stress Reducer Figit toy for Kid Adult [Easy Flick + Spin] Prime Ball Bearing Finger Spinner Hands Focus Toys Perfect For Anxiety,Autism,Boredom

Created from the finest raw materials, the Trianium Fidget Spinner consists of a trait of robustness or resilience as well as a premium ball bearing. In case if it falls to the ground, this alloyed metal will save it from breaking by any means.

Trianium is a high end fidget spinner that includes really effective and fantastic steel ball bearing as well as high performed pre-lubricated oil to achieve an extended and swifter spin duration.

It can be flicked and rotated with only one or two hands. Moreover, it is very flexible and convenient for unstill hands, phone strain, nervousness, getting rid of the bad habits, autism, not getting good sleep on long car drives, mood swings, constant worry etc.

This high quality fidget spinner is uncomplicated, not heavily weighted, can be easily and conveniently fit in a pocket, interesting and fun to play with as well as efficient for deep notion and concentration. Finally, the Trianium Fidget Spinner Pro Metal Series provides the customers with a warranty for one long year.


  • Sturdy metal-alloy material
  • Lightweight and fun packed
  • Includes premium ball-bearing
  • Backs by a 1 year warranty


  • Makes noise after a few seconds’ spins
  • Could be faster

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2. Original Mini The Bar Premium Hand Fidget Spinner

WeFidget Original Mini The Bar Premium Hand Fidget Spinner, Designed for Stress and Anxiety Relief. Metal Travel Case Included

The We Fidget Original Mini The Bar Premium Hand Fidget Spinner to rotate remarkably for a longer period of time. The duration of the rotation and efficiency will differ from one spinner to another. In addition to that, the mini fidget spinner offers an outstanding finish.

Though the size of this is small or tiny, this high-quality fidget spinner has been produced with the best and finest quality raw materials. The best part of this fidget spinner is that it provides you the assurance that people will definitely ask you what device you are playing with!

Also, this tiny size makes it really convenient to take anywhere. For instance- if you are going to your village for a vacation and are sure that you will get really bored then you can carry it with you. Furthermore, compared to other fidget spinners, this mini premium hand fidget spinner comprises of low sound level.

This premium fidget spinner contains a compatible R188 Bearings, that is first-class replaceable. This is basically used for unclean or broken bearings and it no more rotates like before. We Fidget provides a money back assurance, if the fidget spinner is faulty.


  • 100% money back guarantee upon dissatisfaction
  • Easy to maintain
  • Bearings are changeable
  • Smooth spinning
  • Spins for a long time


  • Lack of precision
  • Poorly designed

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3. FREELOVE Retro Gradient Color CNC Diamond Fidget Spinner

FREELOVE Retro Gradient Color CNC Diamond Fidget Spinner,Titanium Alloy,Stainless Steel Finger Cover with Silent Steel Beads R188 Bearing,No Edges/Corners No Hurt,Precise EDC Toy (Brass)

Get rid of your depressing moments by playing with this Retro Fidget Spinner by the FREELOVE. Weighing only 36 grams, it’s easy to carry for spinning anywhere you go. Talking of the materials used – the body is made of titanium alloy body while the finger cover consists of stainless steel.

Crafted using the CNC process, it makes sure the users have a pleasing experience with no pointy edges to hurt their palm or fingers. Able to spin continuously for 2 to 4 minutes, its R188 bearing is the real charm doer! We mean it’s not every day we see a fidget spinner so quiet while spinning in super speed.


  • Spin silently
  • Average spin time 2 – 4 minutes
  • CNC cutting procedure applied
  • Very lightweight
  • Smooth construction


  • Little bit expensive

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4. Infinity Apollo i7 Fidget Spinner I-Series Pro

Infinity Apollo i7 Fidget Spinner i-Series Pro with R188 VorTech Smoothest Rated Bearings (Premium Weighted Metal Fidget Spinner)

The Infinity Apollo i7 provides a rotation time of more than 5 minutes and it comes with Black Hybrid Ceramic Vortex Bearings. The spinner is designed with advanced build quality as well as attractive visual tri spinner. Moreover, it is extremely durable as well as convenient to preserve and clean.

Consisted of a usual ergonomic feel, it includes concave finger grips for convenient and flexible rotation. Moreover, it also contains exact or accurate stability and weight. This helps to fit the fidget spinner in any one’s pocket in a very flexible way. This will even not cause the device to break or get damaged at any cost.

The Infinity Apollo i7 Fidget Spinner I-Series bro does not create any fiction, sound or vibration. It is really suitable for the classroom and office. Moreover, the spins also enable you to get rid of your frustration, nervousness as well as anxiety. In addition to that, it calms down the ADHD Hyperactive or stressed out people.


  • Keeps on spinning uninterruptedly for 5 minutes
  • 2 bonus (tricks & care) guides come with the package
  • Accurate balance with reasonable weight
  • Increases focus and concentration
  • Straightforward maintenance


  • Uneven bearings

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5. EDC Premium Hand Spinner

Fidget Spinner Stainless Steel by OHQ - EDC Premium Hand Spinner Toy for Killing Time - reduces Anxiety, increases Focus, helps ADHD&Autism (Rainbow)

The EDC Fidget Spinner contains such traits that it provides the consumers to have the enjoyment of playing with the fidget spinner by spinning it for 5 long minutes. This in turn enhances the satisfaction of the players.

This cutting edge toy creates or produces of stainless steel. Moreover, it is made absolutely smooth with mirror refined surfaces by Computer Numerical Control (CNC). In addition to that, all the hand spinners are trialed by experts before passing onto the customers.

The high-end EDC premium hand fidget spinner enables to remove nervousness, frustration, stress etc. Nowadays, almost everyone is extremely stressed out. Fidget Spinner is the best way to remove their level of stress.

For instance- people going to office are stressed out regarding the ample amount of workload or pressure, students are frustrated with reading those several numbers of pages books etc. in addition, it can be a really attractive or appealing gift for birthdays, to the boss etc. All of them will surely love this device.


  • Constructed out of stainless steel
  • Can be a perfect gift item
  • Mirror polished surfaces
  • Contains an appealing laser etching logo
  • Great customer service


  • The finish chips off after a few days

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6. FREELOVE Russia UFO Triangle Design Fidget Spinner

FREELOVE Russia UFO Triangle Design Fidget Spinner Toy Stress Reducer Premium EDC Disassemble Silicon Nitride Ceramic Bearing Helps Focus, Stress, Anxiety (Gun Color, Aluminum Alloy)

Labelled as one of the top selling spinners, this stress reducer can be your best friend throughout the day to remain focused. Cut with CNC (Computer Numerical Control) device in one piece, the manufacturers of FREELOVE have ensured a smooth unit. The same criteria makes it extremely stable in performance.

What’s more? The bearing used in it is made of silicon nitride ceramic which is by nature intends to serve longer than the stainless steel ones. And as the product description says, this material produces less friction leading to longer duration of spinning, maximum 5 minutes.  

Besides, whenever you’re looking to replace the bearing with a better option, you can easily do that in this easy to dismantle model. So, you can maintain your concentration with upgraded materials.


  • Made of sturdy aluminum alloy metal
  • Spinns for 3 to 5 minutes
  • Easy to disassemble and alter the bearings for better performance
  • Smooth to feel and stable


  • Dismantling is party true for the zinc titanium alloy

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7. Attesson New Version Fidget Spinner

ATESSON New Version Fidget Spinner Toy Durable Stainless Steel Bearing High Speed 3-5 Min Spins Tri-spinner Precision Colorful Metal Hand Spinners Toy with 1 Screwdriver & 1 Extra Bearing

This particular fidget spinner provides an average spinning or rotation time of around 3-5 minutes. Therefore, the higher the spinning time, the more the people will be encouraged and interested to buy the product or device.

It creates hardly any high sound, friction or vibration. Hence, the users or consumers of this product or device will not be irritated or annoyed because of the noise of this fidget spinner. This will make them more flexible to use the high-end fidget spinner.

If you buy this high-quality fidget spinner then you will be getting an additional bearing and screwdriver absolutely for free. There is no doubt that free or complimentary products always attract or grab the attention of potential customers. Similarly, they will be highly encouraged by the spinner enthusiast.

This fidget spinner is made up of stainless steel bearing, SLA as well as laser industrial molding technological advancement. Moreover, it also provides an advantage of great gravity as well as swift spinning. Surprisingly, you can hold the fidget spinner with one hand and see it spinning continuously while switching to the other hand.


  • Portable
  • Simple design, yet effective
  • Bearing is stainless steel made
  • Swift rotation
  • 6 months warranty


  • Noisy
  • Bearing gets rusted

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8. Tri Fidget Hand Finger Spinner

Tri-Fidget Hand Finger Spinner Metal Toy Time Killer for ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, and Autism Adult Children (Blue)

The fidget spinner consists of a small size that is portable to carry anywhere and at any place. This device can easily be fitted into a pocket. Moreover, this exceptional fidget spinner is also light weighted as well as compact. It enables customers and users to buy the device on a regular basis or frequently.

Matte surface non-slip and the accurate or exact size provide or offer you the crucial playing experience. This, in turn, enhances the interest of the customers to consume such fine product more.

The Tri Fidget Hand Finger Spinner consists of ten small beads in the axis that are small as well as nine flowing beads around the external ring to enhance inertia. Advantages like this surely grab the attention of the customers and they are much more optimistic to purchase such a trendy device.

Compared to the other fidget spinners, this elegant Spinner provides a spinning time of 1 to 3 minutes which is indeed very less or low. You can give it to anyone as a gift or a present. There is no doubt that all of them will surely love this beautiful device. It is available in golden color, which is indeed very stylish.


  • Removable finger button
  • Easy to clean
  • Maximum spin duration 3 minutes
  • 9 flowing beads keep the speed up
  • Matte surface makes it slip proof


  • Not silent

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9. Scione Fidget Spinner 12 Pack

SCIONE Fidget Spinner 12 Pack ADHD Stress Relief Anxiety Toys Best Autism Fidgets Spinners Adults Children Finger Toy Bearing Focus Fidgeting Restless Colorful Hand Spin Party Favor by

This exceptional fidget spinner comes in 12 different colors and types. All of them come in bright and vibrant colors. People are normally very attracted towards different vibrant colors. So all the marvelous colors will definitely be successful to grab their attention.

With a smooth surface and round corner, the Scione Fidget Spinner prevents your fingers from scratching. No maintenance, oil or repair is required for this device. You can use this stress relief toys or device right away, without any hassle. Moreover, during spinning, they do not suffer much slow down.

This mind-blowing fidget spinner is really easy to use. It can be held with one hand and then spin with the other hand for a continuous period of time. Moreover, it is portable as well. It can be taken anywhere without any hassle.

The fidget spinner prevents all bad habits such as nail biting, smoking, drinking, getting addicted to drugs, sleeping late etc. With the help of fidget spinner, at one point, people can actually get rid of all these bad habits and turn into the opposite person.


  • Available in 12 different colors
  • Detachable bearings make upgradation easy
  • Round corners for safe handling
  • Straightforward usability
  • Ideal to refrain from bad habits


  • Fragile construction

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10. Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinner

Compared to other devices or toys fidget spinner is indeed a really unique and different device. It contains all those unique features or traits. The uniqueness or diverge characteristics of this device enables the customers to purchase this product on a regular basis or frequently.

Like the other toys or devices, fidget spinner is really simple or uncomplicated to play; it requires no hard work or brain to play. You can play it if you just spin it. Moreover, you do not need to preserve it in a special place. You can keep it and take it out from anywhere. That’s the reason people are more encouraged or interested to purchase this special device.

Compared to other models, this fidget spinner is not at all expensive, pricey or costly. Rather it is very cheap. People of all genres can afford it. Therefore, while purchasing this specialized device, the price factor will be eliminated from the mind of the people.

Some high end fidget spinners offer the facility of longer spinning time, whereas some provide shorter spinning time. People often look for or prefer longer spinning time so that they can enjoy a higher or greater playing experience. Therefore, each and every fidget spinner companies should definitely try their best to enable a longer spinning time period.


  • Free digital fidget spinner
  • Heavy, therefore spins well
  • Perfect entertainer for kids
  • Revolves long than usual


  • Bearing is loosely connected

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Fidget Spinner Tricks for Beginners

Buyer’s guide


  • Bearings

Bearings have a lot to do with the performance of a fidget spinner. Because if the spinner doesn’t possess quality bearings, it’s ridiculous to hope to see it spinning for a longer duration. Not only the timespan, but the smoothness of spin also depends on the materials used in bearings.

Mostly, users prefer the stainless steel made ones, however, if you’re looking for a better option, go for the hybrid model (a mixture of ceramic and stainless steel). This type ensures longer spin than the typical ones.  

  • Body

The body of an edc fidget spinner may not impact its performance. But what you can’t ignore is the material of its body determines the durability in case the toy encounters any unexpected smash or fall.

To prevent rust over time, choosing a metal (stainless steel, bronze, or copper) spinner coated with an anti-corrosion spray would be a rewarding idea. But if you don’t want to take chance with that collect the ABS plastic made spinner. They are opt to be corrosion free, with the little drawback of going off balance, however!

Spin Time

Most of the models mention the approximate duration of their spinning. So before you purchase, try to find out the spinning time in the product description in order to make sure they are ready to serve you during your mood swings.


To Cap It All Off

No matter what you’re suffering from, be it some anxiety or frustration, or you are undergoing severe mental stress, keeping a high quality fidget spinner near you hand can be a life saving decision. By spinning it by your heart’s desire, you can calm yourself and thereby, can reach a reasonable solution after a heated argument.

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