Best Bass Headphones [Picks 2021]

Every music has its own taste. The composer produces it keeping a certain feeling in mind. However, being the listener to that music, we can hardly reach that effect unless or until our audio system contains enough bass. So, when you’re after the purest form of music or want to experience the refined gaming sound, opting for the best bass headphones is the best solution.

There are hundreds of best headphones bass sound quality devices prevailing in the market. And knowing which one will meet your needs means half the work is done. That being said, you can read this article and educate yourself through the buyers’ guide and FAQ section. Once you discover your preference, choosing any of the 10 best bass in ear headphones we’ve reviewed below would be worthy.

1. V-MODA Crossfade LP2 Vocal

Literally no overlapping involved, this V-MODA item can provide you with quality sounds right out of the box. It makes the sound free from outside noises. And unlike other models, it lets you adapt the tightness on your ears, cheers to its stretchy headband!

The way it works is also easy to follow. Simply bend the headband outward manually so to match your required looseness. The opposite of it, that is, inward bending comes handy while you’ll be looking to tighten the band.

Besides, no battery means it’s already adding benefit to your savings plan. Also, you can expect a crystal clear sound every time you listen through it. It also lacks 3 additional digital to analog conversions. Hence, the aired music will absolutely free from contamination.


  • <2dB variance for maintaining consistency
  • Reliable and long lasting
  • Easy to port
  • Microphone & audio cables are separable
  • Comfortable and noise reduction with ergo soft foam cushions
  • Humidity & UV resistant


  • Some purchasers complained against receiving faulty products

2. Skullcandy Crusher Bluetooth Wireless Over

If you can’t feel the bass in your headphones, chances are you haven’t met this Crusher by the Skullcandy. With its ultimate powerful bass, It produces such a captivating aura about the music that it will become almost impossible to go without it once you get the taste. To bring this top notch effect in real, the unit features 2 full range 40mm audio drivers. It’s also coupled with 2 extra subwoofer drivers to reinforce the idea.

While these best bass heavy headphones focus on supplying the authentic feel in the bass, its customizing or bass level controlling feature simply makes it one of the favorite models among the bass lovers. Apart from its adjustable haptic bass trait, you’ll also fall for its rechargeable battery that can constantly serve for 40 long hours.


  • Rapid charge functionality – takes only 2.5 hours for full charging 
  • Refined acoustics via custom tuned audio drivers
  • Noise isolating seal for distraction free sound facility
  • On-ear buttons for call picking and cutting
  • 40 hours of battery life
  • Features Bluetooth wireless technology


  • Feeble plastic materials used
  • Design flaw makes its folding mechanism a huge failure

3. JVC Real Sound System Z Series

With full spectrum and preciseness, the JVC Real Sound System has won a lot of hearts. Its journey is never criticized for serving low quality at any point of their performance. You can rely on it for a variety of entertainment purposes. Be it gaming, watching movies or listening to music – in every aspect, it will simply make your ear scream “wow” 

The earpads are okay. However, if they pose distraction due to their thin texture, you can replace it accordingly. The closed back works pretty fine in terms of isolating the sound. Most importantly, it won’t interrupt with the bass level you might be expecting.

And since it’s a huge energy consumer, keeping a portable amp would be a rewarding idea for long term enjoyment.  However, if you’re looking for extra detail to add to your listening experience, your search doesn’t end here.


  • Powerfully constructed
  • Contains sufficient padding
  • Good to look at
  • Multipurpose
  • Provides crispy & subtle sound


  • Plastic made hinges may easily break
  • Power hunger

4. Bluedio TM Bluetooth Headphones Over

In this high remix world, music is such a thing that cannot be ignored by some people. And the target of the engineers of music is to create music in a calm and quiet atmosphere. And this BlueTooth headphones are the perfect choice for them. This device provides you quality time with yourself during your work with sound.

To create clear purest voice, the needed pieces of equipment are specially purchased from Denmark. The delicacy in design gives you comfort to enjoy the sound profoundly. Made with a soft sponge and gentle touch of sweetness of music can make your day. Without carrying your charger all the way, you can enjoy your day as its long time battery is lifesaving for your beautiful day.


  • Long time battery service
  • Not too much costly
  • Outstanding engineering
  • Crystal clear sound


  • No small cord included to support any other device
  • Too heavy to wear at the workplace for a long time

5. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

If you are planning to buy an updated version of headphone, the Audio- Technica ATH-M50x would be a smart choice. Consisting of copper-clad aluminum and earth magnets this Professional Monitor Headphones is the best option in 2019. The isolation in a very crowded atmosphere is really praiseworthy.

From The deepness to the bass, all its features are really worthy to be purchased. Not only its outlook is outstanding, but the inner parts are also good in giving services. The critics of engineers and audio reviewers are also in the support of giving this product at least four stars. Soft pads give you the comfort to enjoy your solitary music in a noisy environment.


  • Very good for gaming
  • Long lasting durability
  • 90° swiveling earcups ensure easy supervision
  • Feel comfortable while working
  • Detachable cable
  • Pro-grade earpad & headband


  • At times, issues with the vocal
  • Very small pads to wear for adults that cause uneasiness
  • Loose wires
  • One speaker causes disturbance for some users

6. Fostex USA 25-Ohms TH900

Satisfying the tech savvies like you with their creation is not an easy game for most of the bass headphone brands. And that’s where this Fostex USA production romps ahead. It not only dedicated to supply high resolution & transparent reproduction but reaches its high profile aim of a wider stereo field.

Talking of the appearance – it’s a surefire head turner. The housing has got charming craftsmanship inspired by the Japanese tradition. To be more precise – the lacquered “Urushi” finish on this bio-dynamic bass headphone is something a lot of us won’t deny to purchase only in a sense of admiration.

Also, it sports 50mm diaphragm along with a 1.5 tesla magnetic circuit on its innovative driver unit. Besides, its capacity to attain twice high propagation velocity is a no joke! And unlike the typical driver units containing plastic film, it carries.5 times high rigidity.


  • Superior reach owing to 15,000 gauss magnetic flux density
  • Tender & cozy ear pads
  • Neodymium magnetic circuit 
  • Japanese cherry birch made framework
  • Urushi lacquer coated


  • Too much expensive
  • The midrange could be better

7. Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro

German technology brings to you a new device, having high quality and stylish look. Along with remote and microphone, the One Pro Plus Headphone comes with some advantages that are rare to other headphones. Categorized as one of the best cheap bass headphones, it is connectable to maximum devices as iPad, Pro or home audio devices, smartphones, tablets.

In a solitary mood, one can concentrate in a noisy populated area with it. Having 10 – 24,000 Hz frequency and impedance of 16 ohms, this device also has two removable cables. Its professional quality can provide you privacy at a very reasonable price. You can control the bass panel by your own and enjoy the music all day long.


  • Controllable bass
  • Colorful options available for the pads
  • Very easy and comfortable to wear the product for a long time
  • Varying noise reducer
  • Easy to change colors of the headband


  • Ear cushions fell off very quickly after a little use
  • Causes sound problem most often

8. GRADO SR325e Stereo Headphones

Grado headphones are one of the critics’ best choices. It can give you the dream come true music experience. After wearing the headphone you will not ask for another brand to try. You will find yourself sitting on the front seat and it will be so realistic that you cannot imagine the best beside this experience.

The structural benefits are also praiseworthy. The movable ear pads can help you find out the comfortable place of the ear to enjoy the music. Be tension free in case of the warranty of manufacturers of the product if you are in the US. Overall, this NY product can help you to live the music side by side listening to the music.


  • This innovation is hand made in Brooklyn
  • The silent atmosphere can give you your own area
  • Outstanding performance of the bass
  • The vocal is quite good
  • Dynamic clarity with exceptional sound


  • Wires get loose within a year

9. Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 80

For professional recording in studios, the DT 770 PRO is nearly unbeatable. Its closed over-ear feature is what makes it so special for such purposes. In fact, it’s rare to find any other model that ensures this much pure and high-resolution sound within budget.

Even when you need to do a long time recording, its velour ear pads will assure you of the highest comfort without sacrificing on quality. You would appreciate the fact that these ear pads are replaceable.

This German made item keeps up its reputation of being one of the best headphones for bass and sound quality with its inventive bass reflex system. To make the system work within your required range, the manufacturers have kept the wire length at 3.0 m. Finally, the headband is very soft to feel and ideally engineered endowing a robust and comfy fit.


  • 250 OHM pro grade device
  • Ideal for a range of studio applications – monitor, mix & master
  • Closed-back design for superior isolation
  • Soft & secure flexible ear cups
  • One sided cable eliminates the wire tangling fact
  • lightweight & easy to wear


  • A high pitched hiss sound comes from the background

10. LyxPro HAS-30 Closed Back Over

Done with those ear tiring headphones? Consider collecting the LyxPro HAS-30. With closed back, this headphone is ideal for recording on studios. Because it neither absorbs the outside sounds nor excludes the necessary sound through the leakage. You won’t miss even the slightest tune produced in the music, meaning that, every detail will be as they are in the actual album.

This professional unit features a premium leather headband which is built to last longer than usual. And as we mentioned earlier, it creates no feeling of fatigue even when you keep on enjoying your favorite tracks for hours, thanks to its comfy, replaceable ear cups!

And since best headphones for bass music are something you need to carry in various places, you’ll definitely love its foldable design. The included robust carrying case has made it even safer to carry.


  • Premium leather headband ensure fatigue free listening
  • Foldable design for hassle free storage
  • Replaceable ear cups
  • Accompanies 2 removable wires
  • 1 year warranty


  • Both sides don’t provide the sound & bass evenly 
  • Poor wirings

Buying Guide Best Bass Headphones


Two of the main types of best bass headphones are –

(i) Circumaural: Also known as over the ear headphones is designed to cover your ears wholly. In terms of size, it’s big enough to isolate the outside noises ensuring that only high quality bass is heard. If you’re looking for an ideal companion for your professional usage, choosing this one over others would be a reasonable selection for the best outcome. However, you may face some issues regarding its portability.

(ii) Supra-aural: Comparatively smaller, yet capable of enveloping your ears, this kind of bass headphones are good at providing a satisfiable audio experience with power packed bass. However, due to crevices on it, you will encounter less isolating impact though!

Earbuds & Earphones

Smaller in size, both of these items are preferable as in-ear headphones. You can put them into your ears individually with the pretty distinction of their reaching inside the canal or not. That is, the earbuds remain outside the canal, unlike the earphones that enter and still supply the same amount of audio.

They are different regarding bass production. Earphones are ahead in the game compared to earbuds which contain no seal, and consequently, interruption keeps on pervading. Other than these, each of them is ideal for your day to day entertainment. You can carry these lightweight devices wherever you go to make your trips highly enjoyable. Also, they are compatible with almost all sorts of smart devices.

Driver Size

Driver (a converter for making sound signal out of digital signal) is the core thing behind the working of a bass headphone. Depending on its size (which can be 20- 50 mm), you’ll know the amount of bass signal the unit will provide. So, it’s recommended to inspect the driver size before you go for any model.

Levels of Bass

Bass is not something meant to hear only. The true bass can be felt. So, when you’re after the best bass over ear headphones, aim at the models that accompany boosted bass which you can hear and feel at the same time.

Active Noise Cancellation

A lot of brands, especially the pricey ones, are coming with their active noise canceling feature. This technology helps to cut off the outside racket while keeping a balance between the authentic sound and bass. So, for better quality sound recording or gaming experience, choose the one that features this characteristic.

FAQs on Best Bass Headphones

Q. Are Bass Headphones Bad for Ears?

Answer: No, as long as you keep the sound within a bearable limit and for a reasonable amount of time. Besides, bass headphones are less riskier than earbuds that heighten the audio level by 6- 9 decibels within your canal resulting in some severe issues.

Q. Can Bass Damage Hearing?

Answer: Not at all. Unlike high frequencies, bass cannot influence our eardrum which is too small to respond to it.

Q. How Long Should I Wear Bass Headphones?

Answer: To be exact, it’s less than 90 min per day as shown in research conducted by the Australian Hearing Hub.

Q. How Loud is Safe to Hear from Bass Headphones?

Answer: The safest sound level is 60 – 85 decibels. Above this point, your ears become susceptible to damage. Yes, you can go up to 100 decibels, but in that case, you shouldn’t extend the duration of more than 15 minutes.  

And since you can’t calculate the decibels every time you listen to MP3s, try to keep the volume within 80% of its loudest reach. Also, note that if others are hearing your played audio while you’re on headphone means you’re listening to it way too loud. So, be alert!

Q. Can Noise Cancelling Technology in Headphones Cause Hearing Loss?

Answer: Absolutely not! In fact, it comes handy in enjoying low volumed music at a normal sound level. The key here is – it hinders the noise from around and helps concentrate on the target audio only. Therefore, different issues like an auditory problems, insomnia, stress, and headaches become less severe.

To Wrap Up

So, from now on, whenever you feel like dancing with every beat of your favorite song, do grab any of the above mentioned best bass headphones and live the moment.

True they may have some varieties in terms of features and capacities, so, the rule of thumb is to identify your need first and then invest in the model you feel comfortable with. Since we’ve already done thorough research about these traits, you just give a short glimpse over the entire article and will know the difference from each other in no time.

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