10 Best Air Hockey Table in 2021

In this tech enriched world, it’s difficult to keep your kids away from smartphones and other electronic gadgets. While a lot of things fall short to solve this issue, relying on the air hockey table would be a rewarding idea.To ensure your youngsters are getting the full out of this game, you should select the best model from the industry.

Tons of companies claim their air hockey table to be absolutely fun to play on, though only a few will match your requirements. Depending on your preference whether you want it for adults or children, you can purchase any of the following best air hockey tables we’ve enlisted below. Also, find the buying guide and FAQ helpful to make your air hockey experience more memorable. 

1. Atomic Top Shelf 7.5’ Air Hockey Table

Featuring 120V motor, this 7.5’ monster is considered one of the action-packed air hockey tables in the market. No fussy installation process included means you can start playing on it within a few minutes of your bringing it home. Its sturdy construction is what makes it a favorite item for air hockey lovers with kids. 

In terms of build quality, it’s the same as you will seem in commercial arcade zones. And not to mention, it’s sound effect will make your day while the LED lighting will bring an aesthetic vibe to your game room. The colors alter according to the gaming mode which is an absolute charm to watch. 

Installing it is super easy. Tighten the included screw to set the table up and once done, you can announce a tournament among your friends. The pure arcade feels with powerful airflow will make your buddies return their visit at your place. 

  • LED Lumen-X technology helps to create multicolor gaming zone
  • Built-in high tempo music
  • 120V motor maximizes the airflow
  • Slick PVC surface for a smooth playing experience
  • Color changing feature takes the game to the next level
  • Doesn’t contain score keeping system
  • Not long-lasting

2. Harvil 5 Foot Air Hockey Table

If you have an open space that allows 60 inches table to fit its corner, then Harvil 5 feet Air Hockey Table is the perfect solution for your home décor. This is a non-professional air hockey table that creates unlimited fun and excitement for both kids and adults alike. 

The dual 100V electric blowers send steady air continuously while you are planning for a long time play. It has a stable electronic scorer for counting the score without creating any error and has an adjustable foot leveler that can accommodate itself anywhere in the home. 

This 5 feet PVC- laminated surface area is a perfect place to try your tricks and techniques against your competitor. You can place this black-and-orange play craft at your living room, basement or even at the corner of your small apartment. This Harvil hockey game table requires two orange paddles and two orange pucks, so you and your friends can start playing together at a time.

  • Space saving design
  • Faster fan speed boosts the excitement
  • CUL certified electric blowers
  • Vibrant graphics increases the aesthetic value
  • Accompanies 2 orange pucks and paddles
  •  Pre-drilled holes aren’t aligned with slats

3. Viper Vancouver 7.5-Foot Air Hockey Game Table

The 7.5 Feet Air Hockey Game Table by Viper Vancouver is an excellent choice for serious hockey players. We did research on it before recommending this unisex adult’s plastic tool kit to you.This is a white playing surface board that is equipped with quality graphic design and dual end pack return. It has 4 pushers, 4 plucks and manageable leg leveler. 

This table provides powerful and steady air with its 110V Cubic feet per minute.Its end puck returns make the game fastest and create easy access circumstances for the players. You’ll fall for its stylish electronic scorer and timer. An automatic scoring LED display to expose the board score for each player.

This Viper Vancouver product allows two players to play at a time. Therefore, players have their own side and they can easily view their score and game time separately.

Verified purchasers are pretty much satisfied with the product packaging system. You’ll see hardly any damage after disclosing the packet. However, you’ll need to spend almost two hours to assemble it in the right way.

  • Powerful 110 cubic feet per minute air flow
  • Features electronic scorer and timer for pro feel
  • Graphics on its white surface provides lively vibe
  • The included timer can count unlimited minutes
  • Players’ score and timing through bright LED lights
  • The package comprises of 4 exceptionally impactful pushers
  •  Uneven air circulation keeps the table moving

4. Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey

On a budget, but can’t compromise with your child’s dream of playing air hockey at home? Bring this budget friendly model manufactured with care by Playcraft.

With its 40” small structure, it easily fits in congested areas. Ready to ensure a pure recreational time, its 100 cfm air powered motor is beyond amazing in performance. Since it’s not designed keeping the elder players in mind, we should remain satisfied with the capacity. 

Besides, coming with ABS puck catcher, it guaranteed that you don’t lose the fun of each game while waiting for the puck to return. True, the accessories are tiny in size and suits only little hands, but for the money, such a detailed composition by company likePlaycraft is a worthy recommendation.

Surprisingly, it’s made of solid MDF. we don’t see such any other brand coming with such phenomenal construction providing with a low price tag. So, overall, a win-win situation for parents with constrained playroom and gamer youngsters. 

  • UL approved motor
  • Doesn’t takea  lot of space
  • Ideal entertainment tool for kids
  • Budget friendly
  • Enough air flow for incessant puck movement
  • Not suitable for adult players
  • Too small to handle

5. Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel Multigame Table

Ever wonder what will happen if your mood swings in a second by only turning a table?This is not a fantasy! We are acquainting with such a mood swing table that will allow you to play three games in a single table with the rotating facility.

Meet one of the great inventions of Triumph sports.You can play three different games including billiards, table tennis and air hockey in one table. This swivel designed multigame measures 84 inches length, 44.5 inches width and 32 inches in height.

The full sized dashing surface provides three popular games with its necessary accessories. Billiards has one set color ball, two cues, a single triangle, a single table brush, and two chalk. Table tennis has a white surface board with a complete net solution, two tiny tennis balls, two hand paddles and a post net.

Air hockey has two red color air hockey pushers and pucks. Only a black color table is available in the curt and you will get all the necessary play accessories in one 288 pounds heavy packaging box.

  • One table, three gaming options – billiards, air hockey, and table tennis
  • Switching games is easy in this rotating swivel table
  • Even airflow ensures better performance
  • All the necessary equipment comes with the package
  • Perfect size for team play 
  •  Included hardware lacks quality

6. Atomic Blazer 7’ Air Hockey Table

The Blazer 7 Inch Air Hockey table by Atomic is a free-standing black-n-white playground. This is about 84 inches long and 48 inches wide, we count it without legs. 25 pounds Atomic Blaze table represents a rail integrated display for displaying the electronic score. Its 120V heavy-duty blower creates the fastest playing environment. 

Quality leg leveler placed with the table to assure the playing surface. This PVC Laminated play board designed with overhang rails to reduce the puck bounce smoothly. 4 dark black strikers and 4 dark black pucks counted as table accessories. Maximum two players can get the opportunity to play at a time. 

This advanced blazer table also accommodates a table tennis top which is not included. The table is pretty much heavy weight so you may need someone for assembly. The table is not suitable for children’s play, so you have to wait until your children grow up if you want to play with your little heroes.

  • Overhang rails help to decrease the bounce
  • Enjoy the game on even surface with its leg levelers
  • Powerful 120V blower comes handy in fast play
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to use scoreboard
  • Legs are shaky
  • Bowler could have more powerful

7. Hathaway Face Off 5 Foot Air Hockey Game Table

If you are a fun-loving gamer, then Hathaway Face-off-5-Feet air hockey game table is the right selection for you. Don’t worry about its size. This table is absolutely flexible for medium-sized apartment and you can place it anywhere in your home. Overall table constructed with high-quality wood and crafted with a proper poly sealed surface. 

With this table, you get 4 reinforced legs (to make sure the stability of the table), baffled air plenum, motion controlling electrical scoring display, two AAA batteries (not included) and 110 V blower fan (for steady air solution). This is a perfect fit for your living room, lobby and even bachelor pad. 

Its mind-blowing graphics will give your room an extra luxurious look like an iceberg.Two free strikers and pucks will be available with this table. Kids will easily deal with this game table because of its 30.5 inches height.

The 60 pounds air hockey gaming playground offers a blue and black color table. You can choose anyone that suits to your personality. We highly recommend this fun making tool for young stars and for adults as well.

  • Durable wood construction
  • Solid leg braces for stable set up
  • Compact and lightweight table
  • Comes with a 110V fan and 1,500+ holes
  • Fair play is possible with its motion-detecting scoring feature
  •  Some users complained of receiving a damaged product

8. Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6’ Interactive Air Hockey Table

Surprise your family with the glamorous 6” Interactive Air Hockey Table by Triumph Sports. This black and blue version of Lumen-X-Lazer hockey table provides some exciting features that you may have never experienced before.

It’s ultra modern rail LED lightening technology keeps playing your game, even if the lights go out.That means you can still play in the darkness without stopping your fun. Your score will be displayed on the LED light screen. 

The craziest thing is – you can enjoy your game while listening to music because of its in-game music facility. Two round shaped bright blue strikers and a single brighten blue puck will inspire you to play at least one game with your buddies. 

It also has a dual 12V motor blowers that create non-stop air flow to speed up the game. The 4 thick and excellent leveler helps the table stick to the ground perfectly. You will get a power cord with its heavy-weighed wrapping packet.

  • Dual motor blowers for ceaseless play
  • Illuminating technology removes the darkness
  • Electronic scoring for fair and focused tournament
  • In rail LED lighting provides an impressive impact
  • Easy to assemble
  • Reasonably priced
  • Ideal for 8 to 11 years old children
  • Accessories are missing

9. Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED Light-Up 54” Air Hockey Table

If you just believe in team play, then this LED featured 54” Air Hockey Table by Triumph Fire n Ice is the best choice for you. The table has blue and red strikers. So, you will be able to create two separate teams with these two strikers. The blue color indicates the snow and red indicates the fire alike. 

Talking of the measurements – this 54” long hockey table is 27” wide and 31” high. It’s outstanding graphics and eye-catching LED corners double your excitement of fighting on the table. If the sticker scores by a hit, each angle is automatically glowing for each round. Players can discover the team performance by using its electronic LED screen. 

In addition, its 4 spread leg and regular leg leveler are two strong supporters of this one of the best air hockey tables. They keep the table stay stable. This 39.6-pound plastic table has two LED pushers and LED pucks that shine in the dark and will create an extra scope for every team to have extra fun. 

The table has no switch, rather it has a power cord. So when your game is over, just unplug the cord from the board. While not foldable means it’s not perfect for space-constrained room. You’ll find it really suitable for a larger apartment.

  • Keeping track is easy with its LED featured abacus scoring
  • 4 leg cross braces make the standing firm
  • Precise goal counting with flashing corners as the score is made
  • Compatible with night time
  • Contains blue & red LED lights for an exciting experience
  • A few reports came about receiving defective products

10. ESPN Sports Air Hockey Game Table

The real arcade gaming experience doesn’t come from all the air hockey tables you see in the market. And by choosing this model by ESPN, you can enjoy the utmost level of thrill and fun. Thanks to the included accessories, you can start challenging your friends within a few minutes of its arrival.

In case, you’re looking to involve all your buddies at the same time, this table will aptly fit your needs. Because it accompanies 2 pucks and 2 pushers which comes handy while arranging a  multi player gaming.

True, it’s for indoor use, but you can relish the real vibe of arcade atmosphere due to all the kits it comes with. Among other kits, we liked the timer and the score keeper. The later one is small in size which again contains an electronic LED featured side panel. 

Have we mentioned that this ESPN product incorporates a UL certified motor? If not, let us give you the interesting news that both kids and adults can enjoy the swift and smooth sliding of the pucks owing to this motor. The tabletop gets cool airflow so that you get a feel of the tournament throughout the play.

  • Features LED scorekeeper and a timer
  • UL certified motor for smooth airflow
  • Straightforward setup of leg levelers
  • Enduring sidelong cross braces
  • Full panel leg supports
  • The tabletop easily scratchable and gradually peels off
  • Scoring machine needs additional batteries

Buying Guide For Best Air Hockey Table


What size of an air hockey table will be suitable for you highly depends on the area it’s going to be accommodated and your budget.

The minimum size available for air hockey table is somewhere below 40 inch and the maximum is 8 ft. The later one is, of course, recommended for tournaments. 


Price is another factor to consider before you go for one specific model. A pro level player obviously should target an expensive table to meet the quality.

Because quality and budget walk side by side. So, if you’re looking only for fun purpose, selecting the one with a reasonable price is also fine. 


Scoreboard is an important component for any air hockey table. Not to mention, it would be a digital scoreboard that accompanies a timer in most of the case.

It saves time and lets the player concentrate on the game better by keeping track of the score automatically. 


Air hockey tables can be of two types – one with full sized legs, another without legs. The later one is players who want to play sitting down. And the former type is for standing position. 

Side Rails

The part of an air hockey table that is prone to maximum misuse is the “rink walls”. It’s also known as side rails. So, avoid tables that come with the lean laminated aluminum rink walls. 

And start looking for thick nylon or hard aluminum walls for maximum dynamism, bounce, and endurance.

Leg Levelers

Another essential component to consider is the way the air hockey table has been set to stand. Stable base along with firm legs are key to durable models.

Legs made of steel or timber laminated ones are our favorite models. To make sure their quality is up to the mark, give a few thrusts to the table and you can guess their longevity.

FAQs on Best Air Hockey Table

Q. How long does an air hockey table assemble? 

Answer: It doesn’t take a long time. MOst of the models comes to action just out of the box. Only a few steps to be taken care of. So, basically, the average timing can be from a couple of minutes to 15 minutes at its highest.

Q. How to make an air hockey table stay stable?

Answer: By including a rubber padding on the air hockey table’s bottom of the legs, you can easily stabilize the playing surface. However, one rule of thumb is you should rely on larger for stable positioning.

Q. Does an air hockey table include a power cord? 

Answer: Yes, an air hockey table needs a power cord to run the blower. In fact, the mini air hockey table also comes with a power cord.

Q. How do I clean & polish my air hockey table?

Answer: Use a soft-dry cloth to clean the table. The cleaning process is easier. Firstly, it wipes off any dust particles congested on the table. Secondly, soak the cloth in some rubbing alcohol.

We don’t recommend using soap as it may clog the holes. Finally, start scrubbing the tabletop using rubbing alcohol, and don’t forget to keep the air on.

Summed Up

Now, you’ve got a lot of options to choose your favorite air hockey table. Evaluate their features side by side, take a look at their arcade spirit, also the motor power to enjoy smooth and consistent air flow.

While performance is the primary thing to justify an air hockey table, players especially the kids love the models that are enriched with LED lights and music.

Stable feet and digital score tracking are other features you should aim at. Overall, keep your eyes and ears open while making the purchase in order to bring a quality air hockey table with your hard earned money. 

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